The Polls Are In! Poppy-Red is The Lip Shade For 2015

Lip color. One might say it’s the premier way to liven up any outfit, while others say it’s the ultimate accessory. Whichever category you fit into, you have to admit that lipstick is, and will, always be the key essential for any makeup guru. So if you’re a true beauty connoisseur, you would have already caught onto the latest beauty craze sweeping the makeup nation. If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, don’t sweat it. I’m here to fall you in.

Celebrities and models alike have been donning a bright lip shade, both on the red carpet and around town. The shade is a mixture between bright red and neon orange; making it resemble a poppy. It’s fun. It’s fresh. And it’s totally on trend for spring. But apart from that, it appears to have won the award for the official “It” color of 2015.

For good reason too! Celebrities such as Keira Knightly, Rosamund Pike, Alexa Chung, and Emma Roberts, all seem to be extreme fans of the color; wearing it almost wherever they go. So will you be heading to your local Sephora to pick up a shade?


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