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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Dress, Under $100!

Don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day? This off-the-shoulder dress from Topshop will wash away your sorrows!


Tropical Hues

Floral’s are a thing of the past. The new summer print contains breezy palm tree leaves and jungle accents; for an all-together tropical vibe. 1. Topshop $60, 2. RiverIsland $20, 3. Jane’s Closet $85, 4. (Top) REISS $70 (Bottom) REISS $75, 5. NORDSTROM $56, 6. Topshop $96,  7. ASOS $91, 8. Boticca $76

The Perfect Shirt Dress Under $100!

There are multiple factors which must be included in an item before I purchase it. One detail which ranks higher above any other is comfort. If a particular item doesn’t fit the way I want, there’s really no need to purchase it. Once summer rolls around, my epic need for comfort is suddenly enhanced. Unlike autumn and winter, summer is a season where I don’t feel the need to look stylish. Now, you won’t catch me leaving the house looking like a hot mess, after all; fashion is my one true love. But you won’t find me dressed for a fashion show, covered head to toe in accessorizes either. Instead, you’ll find me in neutral colors combined with loose-fitting silhouettes. The need to look “pretty” has vanished and replaced with the desire to feel comfortable. So it was no surprise that when I found this shirt dress at Topshop, I instantly had to have it. Not only is it extremely comfortable, it’s completely versatile as well. Simply wear it by itself with chic sandals or dress it up with heels …

What’s My Color? JULEP Inspo Board

If you were a nail polish, which color would you be? It’s a common thought really. One that has been replaying in my mind since I was old enough to know what nail polish was. So you could imagine how excited I was, when I received an email from the infamous nail polish brand, Julep, asking if I could come up with an inspiration board which centers around one of their nail colors. I immediately jumped at the opportunity and began pondering which color I would choose. If we were talking about personality, I would probably be a sparkly blue nail color, since I’m something of a girly tomboy. However, if we’re discussing fashion sense, (which we are), I would probably be more of a neutral color. If you’re familiar with this blog then you would understand why but if you’re a newcomer, I’ll explain. When it comes to clothing, I find myself torn between both menswear and woman’s. I love blending the two together whenever I’m creating an ensemble. In my humble opinion, there’s absolutely …