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Punk Rock Meets Glamour at Marc Jacobs Spring 16′ RTW

Marc Jacobs is a legend. End of post. Kidding, of course. Not about him being a legend. About this being the end of the post. I could honestly go on and on, discussing the icon that is Marc Jacobs. But I’ll keep this post sweet and straight to the point. During the unveiling of the designer’s Spring 2106 Ready-To-Wear collection, the designer introduced some extremely interesting concepts. Sparkly and patriotic would be my overall description of the collection. But dig a bit deeper, and one will find there’s much more. The collection combined Jacob’s quirky aesthetic, sticking with a color palate reminiscent of the American flag. Red, white, and blue dominated the runway, as models waltzed down the catwalk wearing pieces inspired by punk rock and old Hollywood glamour. Prints were plaid, texture was glittery, and there was even the occasional, embellished letterman jacket thrown in. Odd combination, no? But sprinkle it with a bit of the ole’ Jacobs artistic talent, and somehow it all works.  Advertisements

Nothing But Romance at Oscar de la Renta Spring 16′

Color. That is the reoccurring theme behind Oscar de la Renta‘s Spring 16’ collection. But not just any amount of color. A rich, carnivorous hue, that you can almost taste. This is a theme which Oscar, himself, adored to incorporate into all his collections. The designer’s affinity for brilliant shades, is what differentiated the him from all others. Sadly, the talent that is Oscar de la Renta is no longer with us. But you wouldn’t know, judging from his recent collection. There was an abundance of elegance and class circulating the air, it would seem as though the late designer was in the very room. Models strode the runway in ravishing designs, featured in brilliant shades, which was enough to make one salivate with want. Apparently, Peter Copping, Oscar’s predecessor, was inspired by Hispanic culture during the 1950’s, which included everything from paintings by Goya, to brilliant illustrations on Spanish postcards. This was evident in a carnation-red pencil skirt paired with a matching ruffled cape. Dresses were adorned with carnation prints, gowns featured eyelet detailing, and blouses incorporated an abundance of …

Tory Burch Spring 2016

It’s safe to say Tory Burch understands women. How could she not, being a successful female designer herself. But what’s more, she’s a talented female designer. What I love most about Tory Burch is her ability to create stylish clothing which is wearable. Most of the time, the collections which emerge out of Fashion Week are merely fit for a celebrity to wear at an award show, thus making them less attainable to the rest of the human population. The truth of the matter is, we’re not all size two’s and we’re not all celebrities. Honestly, where  am I going to wear a floor-length billowy gown, crafted entirely from tulle? Perhaps I can just leave it in my closet, and stare at it whenever I feel down. Nope, that’s not going to do the garment justice. Let us now turn the page to Tory Burch’s Spring 2016 collection. What do we see? Well, we see interesting pieces, which are all realistic within the modern world. Models walked the runway in bright, crocheted pieces, reminiscent of …

Old School Glamour at Rodarte S/S 16′

For sometime now, I have been a huge fan of Laura and Kate Mulleavy; the sister duo behind the innovative brand, Rodarte. It seems every time the sisters unveil a collection, they never fail please. With a darkly-romantic aesthetic, both Laura and Kate have quickly become the industries leading women. That much was evidently apparent during the showcasing of the sister’s Spring 2016 collection. Models strode down the runway donning glittery pieces, crafted with lace, suede, silk, and metallic detailing, reminiscent of Old Hollywood. The overall vibe for the collection was clear; Victorian era meets 70’s glamour. Lacey tights were paired with high-collared dresses, while sparkly trousers were combined with billowy blouses and flowing scarfs; loosely tied around the neck for a seductively nonchalant feel. Bianca Jagger would be envious of such a collection. Perhaps my favorite look in the entire collection, came in the form of an embellished silk slip, which was elegantly paired with a shearling coat and lace stockings. By far, one of my favorite collections to come out of New York Fashion Week! …

Ladylike Wonder at Carolina Herrera S/S 16′

Precisely. Ladylike wonder is exactly the response I receive from witnessing Carolina Herrera‘s S/S 16’ collection. Merely take a peek for yourself and it’s clear to understand how I arrived at that resolution. Herrera is no stranger when it comes to creating elegant and stylish pieces. One might say she’s the female equivalent to Oscar de la Renta. Taking place inside the beautiful Frick Collection museum, conveniently on the corner of 5th Avenue,  Herrera unveiled a collection worthy of such a venue. Both modern and flirty, Herrera’s collection featured day dresses crafted from tulle, pastel pleated skirts, and bold embroidered sets, all while incorporating a high-tech method, which consisted of sheer and mesh detailing. This exact aesthetic is what gave the collection a sporty meets graceful appeal. Overall, the collection was nothing if not quintessential Herrera; sophisticated and empowered. View the rest of the collection here! 

Rebecca Taylor S/S 2016

Ruffles, florals, and crochet; oh my! Although autumn is moments away from making it’s much anticipated return, it’s spring which has everyone buzzing. Especially, since it’s the spring 2016 collections which are being celebrated at New York Fashion Week. Ah, yes, the fashion event of the season has finally return, and boy; did it make an entrance! Let us start with one of my favorites, Rebecca Taylor. A fan of feminine, yet, edgy pieces; Taylor did not disappoint during the unveiling of her S/S 2016 collection. Some might actually call it the quintessential spring collection.  It’s no secret that florals can be overwhelming. Take it from someone who wears them on a continual basis. But somehow, Taylor makes it all look effortlessly chic. In fact, they were the main staple in most of the looks in the collection. The overall collection appeared like something out of a heavenly paradise. With an array of ruffled tunics, crochet maxi dresses, floral-printed trousers, and the occasional pantsuit, Taylor definitely brought her A-game to Fashion Week. View the entire collection here!