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One Jacket, Two Ways

  Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have more exciting plans than I do. Recently, my Friday nights have consisted of Chinese takeout and multiple hours of Netflix screening. What can I say, endless episodes of Orange is the New Black have me hooked. Since I haven’t done one of these in awhile, I thought it was about time I started it back up. For this “One Item, Two Ways” post, I decided to use a 3.1 Phillip Lim jacket which I think goes perfectly with almost anything in ones closet. I chose to do a West Coast, East Thing since I’m a fan of both styles. Preferably, I feel that the West Coast has a more casual feel to it which is exactly how I styled it. Living in the East Coast, I’ve noticed one’s idea of “casual” is a bit more sophisticated. Either way, I love the outcome of both and would totally wear either one. Advertisements

Baby It’s Cold Outside: Stylish Winter Outfits to Keep You Warm

If you live anywhere in the Northeast and have  glanced outside your window lately: it’s evident that you’ll spot portions of snow somewhere. Not to mention how incredibly low the temperatures have been. Yesterday here in NYC, it was literally 9 degree’s by 9 o’clock. Now I’m all for a little snowman building but when the temps are this intense, I’d rather be inside by the fire devouring my latest issue of Bazaar. But regardless of how cold the air is outside, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice your style. One tip I have is to layer, layer, layer! I know it might make you look bulky but there are actual ways to layer without looking like a large marshmallow. For example, search for silk camisoles to wear underneath your sweaters or knits. Silk is one of those fabrics that warm to your body so you can be certain it will keep you nice and cozy. Also, search for coats with added lining to them I have made the mistake in the past …