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Military Vibes At Lanvin Fall 2015 RTW

Some might say that mixing trends is a definite no no. However, if done correctly, one just might find ensemble perfection. That was very much the case at Lanvin’s Fall 2015 RTW collection.There were so many trends incorporated into the collection, it was slightly difficult to keep up. But nevertheless, it was a collection worth paying close attention to. The show opened with striped trousers, paired with tasseled knee-length boots, and a cropped jacket. Billowy dresses were paired with russet-dyed furs, while fringed skirts were accessorized with velvet coats featuring more tassel detailing. There were evident signs of military, bohemian, 70’s glamour, and equestrian inspirations all thrown into the collection. Honestly, I do not know how Creative Director, Alber Elbaz does it. He always manages to travel slightly further than anyone else is willing to go when it comes to his designs. Although unconventional, he never seems to disappoint. This time around is no different. Advertisements

Carven Fall 2015 RTW

Whenever a new individual takes over a brand, there’s always an abundance of doubt within the air. But rest assured that the word doubt, is not a word which resonates with French brand, Carven. It’s no secret the French know a thing or two when it comes to fashion. One would expect no less from the country which produced legends such as Coco Chanel and Christian Dior. For Carven’s Fall 2015 RTW collection, it was apparent that the city, which is said to be one of fashion’s top capitals; evidently played an important role. Newcomers, Alexis Martial and Adrien Caillaudaud, definitely had their work cut out for them when it came time to debuting their first collection for the brand. The overall collection read like a love letter to the nostalgic Parisian at heart, with tweed jackets and floral mini skirts featured. Convertible collared coats were paired with fitted pants and slouchy sweaters, and everything appeared to have been cinched at the waist. “It’s all about the dream of the Parisian, you know. It’s the attitude” Martial was quoted …

Simone Rocha Fall 2015 RTW

Usually, I’m not a fan of anything which resembles frilly. The mere thought of ruffles is enough to make me cringe with absolute detest. There was a time when I preferred barbies to books and favorited the color pink above any other hue. However, the moment I turned sixteen, that all changed. I turned in my kitten heels for Doc Martins, and traded in my floral dresses for concert tee’s instead. Now that I’m slightly older, I’m not as opposed to the idea of dressing femininely as I was when I was sixteen. In fact, thanks to Simone Rocha, I’m beginning to rethink the whole idea. It was her Spring 2013 RTW collection which had me reconsidering my overall hesitancy for all things frilly and girly. Rocha is no stranger for accumulating a collection specifically featuring a feminine aesthetic, along with sheer detailing and a soft color palette. That, however, was not the case this time around. The designer appeared to have ditched her usual, quirky, yet practical, aesthetic; and opted for something somewhat darker …