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Top Ten Best-Dressed at The 2015 Emmy’s

I’m an avid television watcher. When I find a great series, which not only provokes interest, but also pushes the boundaries of the norm, I tend to get a little enthusiastic. I’ve even been known to ignore the responsibilities of life, and spend the day binging on my favorite shows. Don’t judge me. We’ve all been there. So, it’s only appropriate that I get excited when an award show celebrates that side of the entertainment industry. Enter, The Emmy‘s; an event which does just that. Last night was the 67th Annual Emmy’s, which honored profound talent within television. Although I tuned in late the the program, I was stuck doing laundry, I was still able to witness some incredible sartorial moments. Ahem, Kerry Washington in Marc Jacobs, anyone? With that being said, here are my top ten favorite looks from the night. Which looks made your list? Advertisements

Best-Dressed at Cannes

It’s no secret the French understand fashion extremely well. In fact, some might say they had a hand in inventing the whole thing. One place, where this is undoubtably understood, is Cannes, France. Every year, a few of Hollywood’s finest gather together, to promote some of their artfully crafted pieces of work, as what is known as The Cannes Film Festival. Just think of it as a French Academy Awards. Although the men looked just as handsome, this was clearly an event for the ladies. Everyone from couture favorite, Lupita Nyong’o to Julianne Moore, showed up ready to kick some fashion ass. I’d like to think us Americans understand fashion just as well as the next individual, but it was evident that this round went to the French.

Best-Dressed at The White House Correspondence Dinner

I’m still not entirely certain what The White House Correspondence Dinner was created for. If I had to guess, it’s just another excuse for politicians to indulge in quality cuisine and mingle with celebrities. Then again, I’ve never been to one of these gatherings, so I honestly wouldn’t know. But if I had stake my life on one particular fact, it’s that the fashion, is without a doubt up to parr. I guess that’s the trick, when all else is uncertain, look good regardless.

Oscar Fever: My Favorite Looks From Past Award Shows

If you pay somewhat attention to the film industry, you would know that The 87th Academy Awards are this Sunday. It’s a tradition which traces back to 1929 and has lasted for eighty-six years. The host this year is Neil Patrick Harris, and the expectations are fairly high for the How I Met Your Mother actor. Of course, (in my humble opinion), no one can quite live up to his predecessor, Ellen DeGenerous; who hosted last year and provided everyone with pizza. Who does that?! Now, I’m an avid film watcher. I’ll pay the $15 bucks, including an extra $15 for popcorn and Milk Duds, (a film is not quite the same without both), all for the sake of a spectacular film experience. And no, 50 Shades of Grey does not count. But, despite my affluent adoration for films, I have to admit the main reason why I tune in for the annual Academy Awards is for the red carpet. Whether you’re like me, and tune in solely for the red carpet, or watch because you generally love the …

My Favorite Fashion Moments of 2014

As we bid farewell to 2014, we take the time to reminisce over the wondrous moments which took place during the past twelve months. Fortunately for a fashion devotee such as myself, there were plenty of fascinating fashion moments which occurred during 2014. From Lupita Nyong’o Oscars dress to Taylor Swift’s Oscar de la Renta Met Gala gown, there were ton of legendary couture moments during 2014. But seeing how there were too many to go around, I’ve decided to break them down into my ultimate favorites. Which of your favorite made the list?