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Why Obama and Biden’s Friendship Is One To Be Admired


They are the what make the world a little more tolerable. Without them, life would be an overall dull existence. Good friends, the kind worth having, will always be around to brighten your day when you feel as though the world around you is slowly crumbling to pieces. They’re the ones who will give it to you straight, without an ounce of hesitation, and always have your back when you need a solid exterior to lean on.
One friendship which epitomizes all these characteristics, is none other than our President and Vice President, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Throughout the last eight years, the world has watched the friendship between these two evolve into something altogether special and unique. As our nation bids farewell to both individuals, let us look back on some reasons why their friendship is one to be admired and remembered for a long time to come.

1. They Aren’t Afraid To Declare Their Love For One Another
Remember the time when our President sat down and crafted a pair of friendship bracelets for himself and the Vice President? Yeah, so do we, and we couldn’t have been more inspired. Because everyone knows a friendship isn’t official until either party has created a pair of matching handmade bracelets.


2. They Exercise Together
A bromance isn’t a proper bromance until both individuals have witnessed each other in pools of sweat. Only true friends will understand the importance of having their sidekick by their side to push them a little further when it comes to hitting the gym.


3. They Support One Another Through Difficult Times

Friends don’t let each other grieve alone. When Biden’s son Beau passed away, not only was Obama there to support Biden, but he also gave a heartfelt eulogy at his funeral. What are friends for if they can’t offer you their shoulder to cry on?


4. They Congratulate Each Other
Whether it’s the passing of The Affordable Care Act or merely winning a game of golf, both individuals understand the importance of praising each other whenever the opportunity arrises. After all, a bit of encouragement goes a long way within any friendship.


5. They Occasionally Dress Alike
When you share the same sense of style with your bestie, life becomes a whole lot easier. Especially when it’s St. Patrick’s Day and you need someone who will wear a green tie with you to work. What are friends for if not to coordinate ensembles with?


6. Both Individuals Understand The Importance of A Perfect Selfie
Obtaining the perfect selfie is no easy feat. There are many elements which aide in the grueling process. When you find a friend who comprehends such a truth, you should hold on tight and never let them go.


7. They Can Be Themselves With One Another
The best friendships are the kind where you don’t have to pretend. When you allow yourself to let your guard down and simply be yourself. It would appear that these two have a solid grasp on that particular concept.


8. They Make Each Other Laugh
Friendship and laugher go hand in hand. Whenever you see Obama and Biden photographed together, a majority of the shots are of them laughing. You know you’ve found a friend for life when laughter is a consistent factor within your friendship.


9. They Do Brunch
It’s a fact commonly known that friends who brunch together, often grow old together. Okay, so I made that part up. But doesn’t it roll off the tongue so effortlessly? Besides, who else are you going to split bottomless mimosas with if not with your bestie?

Obama And Biden Eat Lunch At Burger Place In Arlington

10. They Understand The Value of Family
Among the many traits which made Obama and Biden so relatable is their understanding that family comes first. Throughout all the chaos which came with running a country, these two continued to put their families first.


As we move forward into a new phase, one thing is for certain. America will no doubt remember the moral and immense character these two brought to Washington. It’s a disposition not only President-Elect Trump can learn from, but something us as individuals can strive for as well.

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