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The Derogative Goodness That Is Scream Queens

Okay, I’m a huge Ryan Murphy fan. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve shamelessly sung along to every episode of  Glee, and feverishly watched every season of American Horror Story. Although, to be honest, Freak Show was something of a disappointment. Call me crazy, but I prefer to watch the talent that is Jessica Lange play confident and witty characters. Elsa Mars was neither.

But enough about Murphy’s prior television shows. Living in the past is, well, so last season. Let us flash forward to the present, where Murphy has created a new television series to add to his evolving list; Scream Queens. The show is quintessential Murphy, including an abundance of stereotypical characters and an endless repartee of insulting remarks, which, although we would rather not admit; are incredibly humorous.

The show, which premiered last Tuesday, takes place on a college campus, and revolves around a series of mysterious murders taking place within a sorority. The murders, occur merely two decades after a similar murder was committed within the same sorority. Now, this is isn’t your typical murder mystery series. It’s far from Pretty Little Liars. Rather than repeat the same plot mistakes most thriller series tend to commit, Scream Queens tends to mock the genre of television it falls under. It’s comedy, with a little horror thrown in.

Then there’s a shirtless Nick Jonas, who lift weights while staring at himself in the mirror, Don Jon style. Who wouldn’t want to watch that? Not to mention, there’s a killer who tends to dress in an insane devil costume, thus procuring the name, The Red Devil. But the true backbone of the show has to be Emma Roberts character, Chanel, who delivers some of the most poignant, albeit, offensive remarks, which earned her credit back on Coven.

Although it’s not up to Scandal standards, Scream Queens is good ole’ fashion, derogative television. Definitely one of my guilty pleasures this season.

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