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Tory Burch Spring 2016

It’s safe to say Tory Burch understands women. How could she not, being a successful female designer herself. But what’s more, she’s a talented female designer. What I love most about Tory Burch is her ability to create stylish clothing which is wearable.

Most of the time, the collections which emerge out of Fashion Week are merely fit for a celebrity to wear at an award show, thus making them less attainable to the rest of the human population. The truth of the matter is, we’re not all size two’s and we’re not all celebrities. Honestly, where  am I going to wear a floor-length billowy gown, crafted entirely from tulle?

Perhaps I can just leave it in my closet, and stare at it whenever I feel down. Nope, that’s not going to do the garment justice. Let us now turn the page to Tory Burch’s Spring 2016 collection. What do we see? Well, we see interesting pieces, which are all realistic within the modern world.

Models walked the runway in bright, crocheted pieces, reminiscent of a impromptu getaway to the French Rivera. Colorful tunics were featured with fringe detailing, while sheath dresses and maxi skirts bore golden embroidered prints.

View the entire collection here! 

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