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Best Drugstore Beauty Finds

There was a time when I never use to wear makeup. My makeup routine simply consisted of tinted moisturizer, mascara and tined lip balm. That’s it. To all you beauty fanatics, I apologize. I just never produced enough enthusiasm for beauty products. Talk to me about a Manolo Blahnik or Oscar de la Renta and I’ll totally jump into the conversation with an unworldly sense of vigor. However, when the conversation drifts towards beauty products, I lose all form of excitement, transitioning into stoicism.

But it seems as if my makeup-free days are close to finished. It all started last year, when I headed to Sephora in order to purchase a refill of my favorite Chloé fragrance. To be clear, the main reason for my lack of love for beauty products was that I never truly understood how to use them. There are so many for multiple uses, that it became rather confusing. That all changed during my trip to Sephora. I discovered an entirely new world filled with countless possibilities.

In other words, I was like a bewildered Alice in a mystified wonderland. A wonderland consisting of BB creams, facial masks, serums, moisturizers and much much more. Long story short, I left that day with much more than a simplistic perfume refill. It was then when I started becoming interested in the vast world of beauty. Since then, I have sampled almost every product, discovering which works and which doesn’t. This also happens to be the case when I enter into any drugstore.

The truth is, you don’t have to drop a ton of money to acquire magnificent beauty products. There are so many great products under your nose, you don’t even realize. I thought I would make it a little easier for you to navigate your way around the aisles. Below are my all-time favorite products from my local drugstore, which I absolutely cannot live without.

What are your favorite products? Feel free to comment below!

Best Drugstore Beauty Finds
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