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My First Barre Experience Was…

I like to consider myself a fit person. I eat right (on most occasions) and I exercise frequently. When I first discovered the Barre scene,  I was genuinely excited. I took ballet as a child and although my dancing career never fully took off, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Being a fan of new and interesting excising trends, I was intrigued regarding the Barre Method: a 55 minute ballet-like exercise mainly focusing on the hips, thighs, and rear. It seems that every individual, not to mention a batch of fit celebrities, are getting into this new exercising craze. Being a fan of Birkram yoga, and seeing how popular that turned out to be, I decided to try this new Barre trend out for myself.

Bright-eyed and excited, I arrived at the Barre studio which was nestled on a corner street in the chic neighborhood of Georgetown. After checking in, the friendly receptionist gave me a grand tour of the small studio. Donning my stylish new workout ensemble, I headed into a mirrored studio where my memorable workout was to take place. Being the eager bird that I was, I was the first  to arrive. I chose a spot in what I thought was the back of the class, which I later found out was the front. As I began to stretch, other individuals started to pool in, dressed in their impeccable Lululemon ensembles; looking like models clad out of a Victoria Secret catalog.


I began to feel immensely out of place in my Fabletics leggings and mismatched socks. It was laundry week, don’t judge me. When the instructor finally walked in, all five feet of her, it was showtime. I had arrived to Barre class expecting an intense workout and received nothing less. Being new to Barre, I had not taken into consideration the intensity of the overall workout. It was embarrassing enough that I chose a place in the front of the class, for all to see how inexperienced I was in the language of Barre. But the instructor literally walked over to me three times to whisper in my ear if I was okay.

Honestly, I thought I would die. Which would have proven more mortifying thanks to the statuesque figures surrounding me. By the time the class was finished, I was drenched in sweat (I never knew the human body could produce that much perspiration) and could barely walk. And here I thought my cycling class was difficult. My vision of Barre was forever tainted with fifty-five minutes of hell. Do people actually do this for a living? As I limped home, it dawned on me that perhaps Barre was not the exercise class for me after all. I am not saying it isn’t effective. I’m sure five weeks of it could definitely transform your body.

As with all exercise, different workouts can be challenging. But if you’re merely looking for a workout that’s less strenuous, stick to yoga or Pilates. Although you might see results slower, I can promise you it won’t potentially induce a cardiac arrest. However, if you are searching for a workout with a bit more oomph, by all means, head to Barre!

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