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French Girls Guide To Style

I’m not French, therefore I cannot emulate the effortless style which seems to grace the character of every French woman. Oh, I can try. Believe me when I say I have spent hours doing so. There has to be some secret, right? People don’t just wake up looking as if they’ve spent hours contemplating over an outfit, only for it to look stylishly nonchalant. Well, ladies, allow me to inform you that all a girl needs to pull off the Parisian look are a few essential pieces. Très bien!

1.  Striped Shirt 

Audrey Hepburn comes to mind whenever I refer to this piece. It seems the style icon was always donning a chic striped shirt. This is probably the most essential piece in any Parisian’s wardrobe. Stick to an oversized version which you can pair with leggings or skinny jeans. It’s ultimately a versatile piece which you can pair with almost anything. This one from Zara is perfect because it’s loose enough to layer an oxford underneath for a more polished look.  Shirt, Zara $22.90

French Girls Guide To Style French Girls Guide To Style

2. Trench Coat 

Whether navy, beige, pink or black; Parisian’s adore their trench coats. It’s a quintessential staple in any French woman’s closet. It’s chic when best worn loose. That way you can layer a chunky knit or turtleneck when the weather gets chiller. This piece from Uniqlo has a removable lining so that you can choose whether you want a little more warmth or none at all. Perfect for fall. Trench, Uniqlo $129.90

French Girls Guide To Style French Girls Guide to Style

3. Boyfriend Jeans 

It wouldn’t be effortless style without a pair of boyfriend jeans. Parisians love pairing their boyfriend jeans with heels or loafers for a chic, yet, comfortable look. To keep the proportion of the ensemble balanced, pair yours with a fitted tank (tucked into jeans) and some sneakers. For cooler temps, pair your boyfriend jeans with a blouse and tailored blazer, finishing off the look with either loafers or heels. 1969 Boyfriend Jeans, Gap $69.95

French Girls Guide to Style French Girls Guide To Style

4. Button Down Shirt 

Menswear in France is all the rage. The androgynous feel which oozes from the look is effortlessly chic. Either color will work, however, I’m usually drawn to a blue button down like the one featured above. For work, pair your button down with a leather pencil skirt and a kick ass pair of ankle booties. For a more casual look, opt for skinny jeans, loafers and a structured bag. Shirt, H&M $24.99

French Girls Guide To Style French Girls Guide To Style

5. Boater Hat 

Although some might argue that the beret is the iconic French piece, it’s the boater hat which grants more style points. An iconic staple from the Victorian era, boater hats add just a touch of retro to any ensemble. If you’re going to work one of these chic accessories, you don’t need to follow any particular rule. Simply fetch a pleated dress and some flats and you’re set. Boater Hat, J.Crew $45.00

French Girls Guide to Style French Girls Guide to Style

6. Tailored Blazer

Not only is this piece an essential in country, but it’s a must in Paris. I generally like oversized blazers with a impeccable tailoring. However, one doesn’t have to drop a ton of money searching for a tailor. Many pieces already come fitted, such as this version from Topshop. A blazer can ultimately be worn with anything but to add some flare to your ensemble, pair your blazer with some leather leggings, structured bag and loafers. Blazer, Topshop $95.95

French Girls Guide To Fashion French Girls Guide to Style

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