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A Girl’s Guide To Feminine Hygiene

Okay, it’s time to get real about feminine hygiene. No, this isn’t one of those health tutorials similar to the ones back in high school. In fact, I’d like to consider it a casual tête-à-tête amongst us woman folk. Although it might seem pretty straight forward when it comes to keeping your lady parts clean, it’s actually a little more complicated. Three out four woman have acquired a yeast infection sometime within their life, and nine times out of ten improper hygiene tactics are usually the culprit. With that being said, I thought I’d do a little research to see what the appropriate methods are when it comes to keeping your nether regions clean.

1. Get Familiar With Your Anatomy 

I was ten when my mother officially informed me on the anatomy of my lady parts. She purchased me a copy of The Care and Keeping of You, (which had loads of immensely graphic images) and told me to direct any questions on the subject to her. You could imagine I had a million. Although we understand the concept of the vagina, there so many of us (myself included) who do not fully know the exact anatomy. Once you’ve gotten familiar, it will be easier to comprehend which parts are the most essential when it comes to cleansing. For instance, many woman think the inside of the vagina is the most important place to wash. However, that is not the case at all. The vagina already does an adequate job of cleansing itself which is why many woman experience slight discharge. Although it can be rather bothersome at times, it is the vagina’s way to keeping clean.

Women should focus on the areas surrounding the vagina, such as the vulva; the external part of the vagina.

2. Use Unscented Soap

Some might think it necessary to use Orchid-scented soap for your lady parts, but studies have shown that unscented soap is the best way to go. Using scented hygiene products can generally throw a woman’s pH balance out of whack. This can sometimes lead to itchiness, irritation, and odor. Unscented soaps are better because they do not have the fragrance which can usually lead to irritation. Try a bar soap instead, the more natural the better.

3. Cleanse Once a Day 

Our bodies produce a sufficient amount of sweat each day. It is within that sweat which bacteria lurks. When you do not cleanse daily, you may not be getting rid of the bacteria which can easily build up over time, thus disrupting the delicate balance of your vaginal area. Use a washcloth or free-handing. A loofah can create small tears and expose you to infection, ultimately increasing your risk of STD.


Many woman believe that douches are the salvation to a cleanly vagina. They would be wrong in that assumption. There are two different kinds of bacteria, good and bad. By douching,  you’re getting rid of both. By eliminating the good bacteria, the bad bacteria has more opportunity to overtake the vagina. This can lead to yeast infections and other issues like bacterial vaginosis. Stick to the basic form of cleansing.

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