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Why Cara Delevingne’s Behavior on Good Day Sacramento Needs No Explanation

If you follow pop culture-or have moderate working wifi in your home- you would have already witnessed model/actress Cara Delevingne‘s cringe-worthy interview on Good Day Sacramento. Since the interview, many of have gone on to belittle Cara, referring to her as “rude” and “snobbish”. However, one only needs to view the interview below, to understand why Delevingne behaved the way she did. Now, I am not a supporter of bad behavior nor do I condone it for any reason whatsoever. I was brought up with an array of manners at my disposal and was continuously taught to be polite to every individual I encounter.

Mind you, I am only human and there are times when I simply do not feel like being the poster child for politeness. So sue me. I can only imagine actors and actresses feel somewhat similarly. Especially when they’re forced to sit through countless of interviews, answering the exact same questions. Not mention, when the person conducting the interview can’t remember your correct name and continues to behave condescendingly. Mix all of those components together and you’re bound to get irritated rather quick.

I feel as though Cara is getting the short end of the stick here. No one appears to be looking in the direction of the anchors who conducted the interview. Not only were they extremely patronizing but they continued to treat Cara, their guest, like ignorant two-year-old. First off, curtsey is a two-way street. You can’t expect to be treated with respect if you’re not going to take the time to show some respect yourself. I find it comical that these anchors refer to themselves as “professionals” and yet they can’t even get the name of their guest right.

With that being said, I do feel that Cara handled herself as best as she could in the company of such individuals, and should’t have to defend herself merely because she use model lingerie.

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  1. dreaminlace says

    I didn’t know about this but, interesting. Honestly, I think she handled all those rude questions pretty well. It seemed like they were purposely trying to push her buttons.

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