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Rejoice 90’s Teens! Dazed and Confused Welcomes a “Somber” Sequel.

Officially, I was a child during the 90’s. I didn’t actually reach my teens until the mid 2000’s. However, that did not mean I was banned from viewing films which were created during that period. Especially ones pertaining to teenage angst. Much to the protestation of my mother, I usually watched them with along with my older brother, who was a teenager during the 90’s. I was probably around nine when I first witnessed Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused: the beloved coming-of-age film revolving around a group of high school graduates during the late 70’s.

To date, Richard Linklater is by far one of my favorite directors, and the film is one of my all time favorites,  Seriously, who can forget Matthew McConaughey‘s infamous creepy stash or Parker Posey’s insane hazing rituals? Ah yes, I can practically smell the cherry chapstick aroma of my spent childhood. Memories! So you can only imagine my excitement when I discovered there would be much more angst to come from the director. Although the plot is still a mystery, Linklater’s next film, Everybody Wants Some, is reported to be “a somber sequel” to his beloved 1993 classic.  The film officially hits theaters next April. Alright, alright, alright!

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