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Asia’s Latest Beauty Trends

Have you ever glanced at an Asian woman, or man, and wondered how they manage to conquer immaculate skin? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. That’s pretty much the reoccurring thought on everyone’s mind when they’re introduced to any person of Asian decent. Beauty trends are like lovers. They come and go just as often as the weather changes. However, like lovers, it is extremely easy to find yourself becoming attached to a certain beauty trend over time. Especially when that particular trend rewards you with a gorgeous complexion.

It’s no secret that Korean’s know a thing or two when it comes to just that. A gorgeous complexion, that is. In fact, some might say they pretty much wrote the book on it. With that being said, I thought I would scout out a few trending products on the market in Korea, and pinpoint my favorites.

Lip Tints 

A new beauty trend that is making its way to the United States is a semi-permanent lip stain. Confused? Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Berrisom Lip Tint has been referred to a “tattoo for lips” Once the product has been applied to the lips, the product must sit for 15 to 20 minutes. The colors are proudly vibrant so be cautious when purchasing the red, if you are trying to avoid being noticed in a crowd. Once the lip tint has set, one can remove the colorful tint from the lips (top and bottom.) Easy. Breezy. Perfection!

Masculine Foundation

Ever secretly wish you could help your man out with covering up blemishes? Korea has come out with essentially a liquid foundation contained in a sponge but kept in a compact with a compressed powder. Yes, do not worry there is a powder for women, that many choose over BB and CC cream. BUT, the best is that there is a powder for men! Not saying that our men need to be buying beauty products but hey, have a special event and his skin is just not cooperating, or dark bags under the eyes? There is officially a, “manly” foundation.

Water Free

Often times, the problem with most beauty products are the multiple ingredients which are incorporated. But one ingredient, which is pretty much essential, is water. Well, apparently, Koreans don’t think so. But, wait, that’s insane! Don’t all products contain a minimal dose of water? According to Koreans, they don’t think it’s necessary. So, what are these trendy folks using instead? Botanical Extracts, which are a blend of actives, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerine, as well as the liquid that comes out of a botanic when it’s processed. Apparently, water can be drying for the skin, especially when it’s left on the skin on its own.  It can also remove the hydrators in your skin. Huh, who knew?

Face Shaving 

Yup, you read it correctly. According to the Japanese, removing facial hair has been a beauty must since forever. The correct terminology for such a practice is known as dermaplaning, which is a skin service provided to produce smooth, and fuzz-free complexions. Not to mention, such a procedure has been proven to maximize penetration of multi-product skin-care routines.

Fire-Infused Eyelash Curling 

This one is a bit odd. This, coming from the girl who dyed her hair a bubblegum shade of pink when she was sixteen. But honestly, when I first read about this particular trend, I was slightly taken aback. Not to mention, it goes against the premier rule introduced to us a children; DO NOT PLAY WITH FIRE. But all skepticism aside, if you want long, fluttery eyelashes, you’re going to have to use a flame. The fire is used to heat a small, toothpick-like mascara wand, which is then applied directly to the eyelashes. The end result? Long, gorgeous lashes which last pretty much all day.

Lip Gels 

We’ve all been victims of dry lips. But what if there was a permanent solution, aside from chapstick? Alas, Asian’s everywhere have discovered the secret to attaining such a goal. Lip patches are developed to target just those problems! Hydrogel is a collagen-like substance, which delivers gel patches to improve moisture to the lips. Lip Gel’s are fun, animated shaped lips, that are applied onto lips, so a form of healing process can begin. Whoever invented these nifty products definitely heard the cries of women (and probably some men) everywhere. 

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  1. Face shaving just seems like soooo much upkeep. I wonder how frequently Japanese women get it done.

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