Month: May 2015

Reese Witherspoon Cast as Tinkerbell

Aside from all the films which are to be released in the future, there’s something about live-action Disney films which get me excited. Perhaps it’s due to the extreme amount of princess films I watched as a child, which has me re-living my nostalgic childhood. Fortunately for that five-year-old self within me, there seem to be a boatload of those films being released in the near future. Early on Friday morning, it was announced that A-list actress, Reese Witherspoon, will star as Tinkerbell, the beloved Neverland fairy, in a new live-action film. The film, cleverly titled Tink, will be produced by Witherspoon and her production company, Pacific Standard. The storyline isn’t entirely clear, but it is said to follow the infamous storyline of Peter Pan. One can only wonder which film will be a bigger hit at the box office, Joe Wright‘s Pan, due out in October, or Witherspoon’s adaptation. Only time will tell. Advertisements

H&M Collaborates With Balmain

H&M has done it again, and by it, I mean a magical collaboration. This time around, the trendy retailer is jumping in bed with none other than, drum roll please, BALMAIN!! For those of you who do not know, Balmain is a haute coutoure fashion house, founded in 1914 by Pierre Balmain. Between His father’s drapery business and his mother and sister’s fashion boutique, Balmain developed an eye for design quickly. So, of course, it’s no wonder that H&M is choosing the brand, (which is a favorite to the likes of Kim Kardashian and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), to create couture magic with. It is no doubt that the collection will be highly anticipated by every fashionista on the planet, and for good reason. Oliver Rousteing’s collections are truly marks of art. The bold colors, patterns, and dramatic shoulders are hopefully some signature marks that will be carried over into the H&M collection. This collaboration will truly be interesting to watch unfold, especially for fans who have been following the brand mature over the year’s. Rousteing himself stated, “I want …

Best-Dressed at Cannes

It’s no secret the French understand fashion extremely well. In fact, some might say they had a hand in inventing the whole thing. One place, where this is undoubtably understood, is Cannes, France. Every year, a few of Hollywood’s finest gather together, to promote some of their artfully crafted pieces of work, as what is known as The Cannes Film Festival. Just think of it as a French Academy Awards. Although the men looked just as handsome, this was clearly an event for the ladies. Everyone from couture favorite, Lupita Nyong’o to Julianne Moore, showed up ready to kick some fashion ass. I’d like to think us Americans understand fashion just as well as the next individual, but it was evident that this round went to the French.

Adios, Piperlime.

I adore online shops. What I love more is online shops which offer an adequate amount of stylish clothing and accessories. That is exactly what Piperlime, the Gap Inc.-owned e-commerce site, did for me. Unfortunately, with most good things, there’s always an end sneaking up on the horizon. Sadly, this was said to be the case for Piperlime; a company 10 years in the making. However, this isn’t surprising news, considering the brand announced their departure from the e-commerce tank back in January. But alas, the devastation wasn’t made any less easy once the time actually came. Not to mention, with the loss of favorites like C. Wonder, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Kate Spade Saturday, it appears that the e-commerce swimming pool is drying up little by little. What’s a girl to do?

2015 Met Gala Best Dressed

The Met Gala is like the fashion industry’s Academy Awards. Everyone, who is anyone, from Hollywood’s finest to Wall Street wonders, attend New York City’s most fashionable party of he year. This year’s theme was China: Through a Looking Glass. The benefit is paying homage to Chinese influence on Western fashion, and it was safe to say that everyone got the memo. It took awhile for me to figure out what exactly the theme was, and I’ll be honest in admitting that I was slightly confused at first glance. However, once I caught on, it made a lot more sense. Then again, fashion doesn’t necessarily have to make sense. It just has to look good. Which look was your overall favorite?

Asia’s Latest Beauty Trends

Have you ever glanced at an Asian woman, or man, and wondered how they manage to conquer immaculate skin? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. That’s pretty much the reoccurring thought on everyone’s mind when they’re introduced to any person of Asian decent. Beauty trends are like lovers. They come and go just as often as the weather changes. However, like lovers, it is extremely easy to find yourself becoming attached to a certain beauty trend over time. Especially when that particular trend rewards you with a gorgeous complexion. It’s no secret that Korean’s know a thing or two when it comes to just that. A gorgeous complexion, that is. In fact, some might say they pretty much wrote the book on it. With that being said, I thought I would scout out a few trending products on the market in Korea, and pinpoint my favorites. Lip Tints  A new beauty trend that is making its way to the United States is a semi-permanent lip stain. Confused? Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Berrisom Lip Tint has …

It’s a Girl! Britain Welcomes a Princess

Once upon a time, there was a commoner named Kate, and a prince named William. They fell in love, got married, and had an excessively adorable son named George. As fate would have it, the story did not end there. Two years later, The Duchess Kate found herself pregnant yet again. Like all embryos, it would take up to nine months for the child to fully develop, and for the world to discover what the sex of that child would be. Alas, early Saturday morning, the waiting game was over. After months of uncertainty, the world was finally introduced to Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, (a.k.a “Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge”). The tiny royal, who is fourth in line for the throne, was born at 8:34 a.m London time, and weighed 8 lb. and 3 oz. Usually, I don’t like to admit that I’m an avid pop culture fanatic. I tend to hide my tabloids under my bed, I pretend not to be totally interested in who Leonardo DiCaprio is dating, and whenever someone walks …