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Paving The Way: The 411 on Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, don’t  worry, this is not going to be yet another political campaign article. Rather, an article that shows the many different sides of democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton’s movement for women’s equal rights. Now, take away the name Hillary Clinton and just imagine an ordinary woman from Chicago, Illinois. A young woman, who was inspired by the words of Martin Luther King Jr; to better the world for all ages, gender, and race.

A woman, who out of college, worked in a canning factory in Alaska, has been on both sides of political campaigns, and has developed, and advocated for Civil Rights; during a time that, that did not seem possible. Without the name, Clinton seems like an ordinary United States citizen. Being in the spot light since 1978, Hillary Clinton has worn many hats but has always been involved with public service. Clinton has always been in a man’s world, and grew up in a time; when being a woman was considered, “a disability.” In the beginning, Clinton wanted to be an astronaut and marine. She applied to both but was told that, “it was simply not a woman’s job”.

So what is on Clinton’s agenda now?

Running for President of the United States of America. I can practically hear Clinton’s laughs at the men who informed her that a woman would never be successful in a man’s world, let along political one. As a strong campaigner, Clinton certainly has a lot of baggage to sort through. Being one of the most admired and criticized women in any political party history, Clinton has made an identity for herself and also for women. She has established that gender does not guarantee physical or mental strength. That a dream is not developed based on gender or the fact a woman has never held such a position before, determines the outcome. Despite your opinion about Clinton, there is no doubt there is an immense amount of strength within that 5′ 7″ frame of hers. After all, it takes a whole lot of stamina to live in the public eye, especially surrounded by rumors, scandal; while trying to maintain one’s own career.

If anything, Hillary is trying to make a path for women to walk in a “man’s world.”Whether Clinton knows it or not, this campaign will be one to remember whether Clinton ends up in office or not. The point that will be made, is that women can, and will be able to hold any position a man can. And, as long as there are strong women out there, willing to take on the challenge; equality for women will develop throughout the world.

By: Gabrielle Klimkowski

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