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“Girls” Star, Jemima Kirke Opens Up About Abortion

There are certain topics which can be delicate to discuss. Abortion falls into that category. While some individuals support the decision, others avoid it like a deadly disease. But one individual who is not afraid to come forth, regarding her view of the matter, is none other than “Girls” star, Jemima Kirke. The British beauty, who plays the carefree Jemma on the hilarious HBO series, is opening up about her decision to go through with the procedure while she was in college. During a PSA video, released early on Tuesday, Kirke expressed her reasons for going ahead with the procedure, saying

“My life was not conducive to raising a happy, healthy child,” she says. “I just didn’t think it was fair.”

Kirke has since had two daughters and wanted to be truthful regarding the difficult choice she made back in 2007. I am extremely biased on the subject. When I was younger, I use to find the idea of abortion inhumane. However, I have since come to understand that there are certain moments when such a decision should be explored. Especially in the cases of rape and incest. Like sexual violence and gender equality, abortion is a topic which many strive to steer away from. But in a world where such topics are relevant almost every day, it’s challenging to understand why these topics aren’t being discussed more frequently.

I give immense kudos to Kirke for coming forth with her story. Sharing an experience like that with the world, is not an easy feat to accomplish.

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