Month: April 2015

Donatella Versace Named New Face of Givenchy

There many icons in the fashion industry. There is no question that, Donatella Versace; is by far one of the best. With over two decades of experience under her belt, Donatella is no stranger to the industry. So it comes as no surprise that Ms. Versace has earned herself a noteworthy group of stylish friends along the way. One of those being Ricardo Tisci, the legendary Creative Director at Givenchy. So, what does one iconic fashion designer give to another as a gift? Well, for starters, one could always make you the face of their new line. Which is exactly what Tisci did for Versace. It was announced, early on Tuesday, that Donatella would be the face of Givenchy’s new fall 2015 campaign. Tisci tweeted “So proud and honored to introduce my new ultimate icon: Donatella Versace #FW15 #Givenchy #Family #Campaign,” along with a picture of the two together. Hmm, so does this mean Tisci will star in Versace‘s fall 2015 campaign? One can only hope! Advertisements

Best-Dressed at The White House Correspondence Dinner

I’m still not entirely certain what The White House Correspondence Dinner was created for. If I had to guess, it’s just another excuse for politicians to indulge in quality cuisine and mingle with celebrities. Then again, I’ve never been to one of these gatherings, so I honestly wouldn’t know. But if I had stake my life on one particular fact, it’s that the fashion, is without a doubt up to parr. I guess that’s the trick, when all else is uncertain, look good regardless.

Farewell, Derek Shephard

If you haven’t seen last night’s heart-wrenching episode of Grey’s Anatomy, then perhaps you should stop reading this. If you’re a fan of spoilers, then by all means, proceed with caution. A television series is only as good as it’s characters. With that being said, I’m without a doubt, a sucker for sappy television couples. Ross and Rachel, Carrie and Big, Buffy and Angel, Joey and Pacy: I could honestly go on for hours. These are all examples of the tumultuous, yet endearing; onscreen relationships which kept me watching week and after week. After all, there’s a sense of comfort which comes with watching a couple’s relationship, develop into something deep, and meaningful onscreen. Over time, these individuals become something of a family to you, conjuring up emotions so utterly sincere and genuine.  So, it’s no wonder we find ourselves crying like two-year-olds, when one of those family members suddenly passes away. Case and point, last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. After spending an entire week wondering #WhereIsDerek, the answer to that mystery was unveiled during last night’s episode. …

Christian Louboutin Introduces “New Nudes”

If you glance into my closet, you will notice a pattern. Colors are almost nonexistent. This wasn’t always the case. I can remember a time when the colors in my closet resembled those of a rainbow. However, I was seven at the time, and therefore my fashion sense was slightly more energetic. But since then, I have transformed into what those in the fashion industry call “a minimalist”. It’s not that I dislike colors. I’m merely drawn to basics when it comes to clothing. Sue me. The same goes with my footwear; mainly sticking to black or nude. After all, it has been said that nude heels exsenuate the legs; making them look leaner and taller. Not to mention, they’re extremely versatile. It’s a stylish win/win. Thankfully, Christian Louboutin understands this concept. The iconic footwear brand has just released a new line of nude footwear, ranging in colors from “rich chestnut” to “fair blush”. The “New Nude” Collection, contains only five shades, but the designer has announced that there will be additional colors to come. The collection …

Could a “Girls” Movie Be In the Works?

If you regularly watch HBO, then you’re aware of the multiple show’s which frequent the network. A favorite of mine would have to be Game of Thrones. Then again, perhaps it’s True Detective. Honestly, it’s extremely challenging choosing just one, which is why I have a bunch. Another on the list, is none other than Girls; the quirky television series revolving around four women, in their 20’s, living in NYC. Ring any bells? The show is raw, comedic, and downright refreshing. So, you could only imagine my utter surprise when I found out there could be a possible movie in the works. But before all you Hannah Horvath fans rejoice, you might have to wait twenty years to celebrate. During an interview with Variety, the show’s star and creator, Lena Dunham, explained that she would like to create a film a few years after the show wraps. “I have fantasies of all of us coming back when we’re 40” Lena said The actress who plays Hannah on the show, also added “We’d want to wait long …

Sarah Jessica Parker Returns to HBO

If you were a fan of a little show titled, Sex and the City, then odds are you’re going to rejoice once you finish reading this post. After eleven years since the iconic series wrapped, it would appear that Miss Bradshaw (aka, Sarah Jessica Parker) is returning to her roots. Well, sort of. The actress, who was made famous for portraying the neurotic, yet, highly stylish Carrie Bradshaw on HBO‘s Sex and the City, is returning to the network to film a new series; titled Divorce. It was rumored back in December that Parker would be returning to the network, but it was never made official, until now. The show, which Parker will also be co-producing, centers around one couple’s extensive, yet comedic divorce. Co-stars will include, Haden Church, Talia Balsam, and SNL’s Molly Shannon. One can only hope Parker’s fashion sense on the show, will exceed it’s predecessor. Let the countdown commence!

Paving The Way: The 411 on Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, don’t  worry, this is not going to be yet another political campaign article. Rather, an article that shows the many different sides of democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton’s movement for women’s equal rights. Now, take away the name Hillary Clinton and just imagine an ordinary woman from Chicago, Illinois. A young woman, who was inspired by the words of Martin Luther King Jr; to better the world for all ages, gender, and race. A woman, who out of college, worked in a canning factory in Alaska, has been on both sides of political campaigns, and has developed, and advocated for Civil Rights; during a time that, that did not seem possible. Without the name, Clinton seems like an ordinary United States citizen. Being in the spot light since 1978, Hillary Clinton has worn many hats but has always been involved with public service. Clinton has always been in a man’s world, and grew up in a time; when being a woman was considered, “a disability.” In the beginning, Clinton wanted to be an astronaut …