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What the Future Holds for Marc Jacobs

Earlier on Monday, it was announced that iconic designer, Marc Jacobs, would be discontinuing his beloved side brand, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Cue the waterworks.

But fret not loyal fans, the brand is not being canceled, but simply merged with his main line. However, this sudden change leaves many to wonder the fate the brand will hold once it crosses over, not to mention the millions of unanswered questions as to why it’s discontinuing in the first place.

Both Marc Jacobs and the Marc by Marc line have around 200 stores worldwide, which will diminish in numbers once the brands collide. Newly-appointed creative director, Sebastian Suhl, hopes that once the brands actually merge it will create an expansion of the main line, and allow the company to provide a common ground between contemporary and luxury.

Although I’m all for change, I’m not all-together excited for one as astronomical as this. But then again, who knows, maybe numbers will increase once the combination commences. Time will only tell.

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