Month: March 2015

Kendall Jenner Lands Calvin Klein Jeans Campaign

There is honestly nowhere to hide from The Kardashians. They’re literally everywhere you turn. One Kardashian in particular, Kendall Jenner, is no exception to this ever-populating fact; gaining major street cred in the fashion world. The fifth youngest Kardashian, is quickly becoming the fashion industry’s darling, in the sense that she’s striding down almost every runway and being featured in multiple ad campaigns as well. It appears that you can now ad Calvin Klein supermodel, to the 18-year-olds’ resume. Earlier on Thursday, it was announced that Kendall will be featured in the brand’s new limited-edition Denim Series, following in the footsteps of model royalty, such as Kate Moss and Brooke Shields. Oh, and let’s not forget Justin Bieber. Who could forget that hilarious SNL skit? The campaign is geared towards a unisex demographic, and includes athletic and urban streetcar pieces. “I’m honored to be a part of it, honestly,” said Jenner “It’s iconic. It’s [a campaign] I would have seen all over and thought how cool it would be to be a part of.” You can …

“Downton Abbey” Ending After Sixth Season

I enjoy a juicy periodical television series on occasion. In fact, might one say I’m rather obsessed with anything relating to the 20’s. Hence, the title of this fabulous website. If you’re unaware of what a “Gaiety Girl” actually is, allow me to fill you in. “Gaiety Girls” were a group of chorus performers during the 20’s, who exuded confidence, style, and independence. They were referred to as the “It-Girls” of the 20th century. Now, that you’re all caught up, let us proceed with the sole purpose of this post. Regarding my complete devotion for anything relating to the 20’s, it came as no surprise, when, like many other individuals; I ended up falling in love with the television series, Downton Abbey. If you’re not familiar with the show, what is wrong with you? Kidding, of course. I’m sure you have a perfectly reasonable explanation why you’re not fan, probably watching Keeping Up WithThe Kardashians instead. But I won’t judge you. Anywho, the British television series, which airs on PBS on ITV, follows the lives of the …

What the Future Holds for Marc Jacobs

Earlier on Monday, it was announced that iconic designer, Marc Jacobs, would be discontinuing his beloved side brand, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Cue the waterworks. But fret not loyal fans, the brand is not being canceled, but simply merged with his main line. However, this sudden change leaves many to wonder the fate the brand will hold once it crosses over, not to mention the millions of unanswered questions as to why it’s discontinuing in the first place. Both Marc Jacobs and the Marc by Marc line have around 200 stores worldwide, which will diminish in numbers once the brands collide. Newly-appointed creative director, Sebastian Suhl, hopes that once the brands actually merge it will create an expansion of the main line, and allow the company to provide a common ground between contemporary and luxury. Although I’m all for change, I’m not all-together excited for one as astronomical as this. But then again, who knows, maybe numbers will increase once the combination commences. Time will only tell.

Taylor Swift Purchases Porn Sites

Taylor Swift is many things. She’s blonde, loves cats, has a collection of model friends at her disposal, and is a renowned musician; whose albums sell out quicker than those delicious pastries at Starbucks. But a porn connoisseur? Now that’s something one would never accuse T-Swizzle of being, what with her sparkly clean image to protect and all. But alas, it appears our favorite pop star is turning a new leaf. Earlier on Monday, it was announced that Swift had purchased a couple of porn sites which included her name in the domain, and But before you jump to conclusions, allow to explain. Apparently, Swift purchased the sites so that no one else could purchase them in the future. Some might call it paranoid, but when you’re as famous as Swift is, you have to protect all your assets from being exposed.  (See what I did there?) When the nude photo-leak of 2014 occurred, back in September, it seemed as if no celebrity was safe from hackers. Swift included. The pop-star played it cool though, taking to her Twitter to …

Peter Dundas Takes Over At Roberto Cavalli

Since Peter Dundas left Emilo Pucci just weeks ago, there’s been a great deal of mystery surrounding what the Norwegian-American designer would do next. When it was announced earlier today that Dundas would be taking over the reins at Italian fashion house, Roberto Cavalli, the guessing game was officially over. To many, the decision came as no surprise. Before Dundas’s was heading up Emilio Pucci, (an endeavor which spanned seven years), the designer worked for Cavalli from 2002-2005, when the Italian brand relaunched. “This is a homecoming for me,” Dundas said “It is an honour for me to continue to evolve the wonderful world of Roberto Cavalli and I am very excited by the possibilities and potential of this unique brand. I cannot wait to get started.” Indeed, with a cult following which includes fans such as Gigi Hadid, Joan Smalls, and Ciara, it’s certainly exciting to see how Dundas will transform the brand.

As of April, Nylon Guy’s Is No More

The magazine world is a tough industry to break into, let alone maintain. Even veterans such as Vogue have an occasional off day. It would appear that now, more than ever, print publications are becoming slightly more scarce. I guess we can blame the internet for that. After all, why pay the average $4.50 of a magazine issue when you can simply read it online for free? One publication which is has recently fallen victim to this ongoing epidemic is the male-targergeted magazine, Nylon Guy’s; a male-driven companion to the popular Nylon. After 11 years in print, the magazine announced early on Wednesday, that the publication will be going out of print. The magazine’s final issue will hit stands in April, as it shifts to an online publication. Although the magazine will no longer be in print, former employee’s at the publication will not be laid off. I guess there’s a silver lining in every negative circumstance after all.

Rihanna + Dior = “Secret Garden”

Ah yes, Rihanna. To be quite honest, I’m not entirely sure there is a word to describe the Jamaican beauty; she’s indescribable. Oh , wait; I guess that’s one word right? But all jokes aside, Rihanna is quite incredible in the sense that her albums always seem to go platinum and her fashion aesthetic is close to untouchable. With that being said, it’s no wonder why every major fashion brand is trying to feature her in their campaigns. One brand which has succeeded in doing so, is none other than Parisian house, Dior. It was released early this weekend that RiRi will star in the brand’s  fourth installment of Dior’s “Secret Garden” series, the film and print campaign, shot by Steven Klein. The campaign, which was shot in Versailles, is expected to be released to the public sometime this week according to WWD. The third installment, which featured a trio of ethereal-looking models, scouring through a chateau wearing an array of leather ensembles, logged more than 9 million viewers on the brand’s YouTube channel. But something tells me …