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My Favorite Trends To Come Out of NYFW

There was a certain sense of melancholy adrift in the air, as the final shows rounded up yesterday at NYFW. But cheer up fashionistas, after all; we still have September to look forward to. Until then, we’ll simply ponder over the many, wondrous collections with premiered during the event. Not to mention the numerous trends which followed. Some were great, while others were simply uninspired.

Just in case you were too busy, working or doing whatever it is you do to fill up your day, you’re in luck. I simply wouldn’t be doing my part as a blogger if I didn’t inform you on the latest regarding NYFW. So, without further delay, let us revisit some a few of the trends which I feel were the overall best at NYFW.

1. Black 

Although there were many collections which featured a colorful palette, the main color which ruled the runway this February was no doubt black. Featured in Fall 2015 RTW collections such as Alexander Wang, Vera Wang, and Marc Jacobs; black was pretty much a key player in many of the collections to come out of NYFW.

2. Menswear 

No doubt a reoccurring favorite for designers, menswear appeared to have made a sophisticated comeback at NYFW. As seen in shows such as Michael Kors, DKNY, Hugo Boss, and Thom Browne; menswear is looking like an essential trend come fall. But who says we have to wait till then to try out the androgynous look? Start by incorporating small details, such as a pair of oxford flats or a chic pair of trousers. Pair them with something feminine, such as a floral dress or a billowy blouse for the ultimate balance of style.

3. 70’s Glamour 

Featured in DVF’s seductive Fall 2015 RTW collection, 70’s glamour is a trend which has got me undeniably excited. Being a fan of the generation, I was incredibly stoked to see the trend make an appearance during NYFW. The trend itself is utterly easy to immolate. Silk trousers, loose blouses, and of course, an iconic wrap dress will help you out in the process. In my humble opinion, I also feel that makeup and hair plays an important role in the trend as well. You can never go wrong with a sleek hair and a smokey eye.

4. Luxe Boho

This is by far my favorite trend to come out of NYFW. Tory Burch and Anna Sui did an impeccable job of bringing this trend onto the runway. I especially love what Tory did with her collection, combing mid-length sequined skirts with knee-length, leather boots. Of course, both designers did a wonderful job of incorporating the trend into their Fall 2015 RTW collections. Both collections featured Jacquard, fringe, and leather detailing, along with tons of beaded jewelry; creating a relaxed-yet chic, vibe.

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