New York Fashion Week, Runway
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DVF Fall 2015 RTW

“It’s all about seduction”, the legendary, and utterly glamorous being that is Diane von Furstenberg explained about her new collection.

“It’s about the yin and the yang,” Diane explained, “the woman who can be commanding in the boardroom but seductive, and inspiring fantasy. A woman of the world. A femme fatale.”

Judging from the array of pinstripe suits and jersey wrap dresses, adorned with lace insets; it would appear that Mrs. Furstenberg nailed it when it came pulling off the ultimate, seductive collection. Garments were crafted in vibrant hues of cobalt, red, plums, and blacks; setting the tone of that “seductive” vibe the designer was aiming for. The overall look was kept clean, models wore their hair in slicked back ponytails, while the makeup was kept minimal; with the occasional smokey eye to match. What interested me most was how Diane decided to style each look, with polka-dotted panty hose and platform-soled Mary Jane’s. The collection feels like a nostalgic nod towards the designer’s glamorous days in the 70’s, when she married her first husband, the late Prince Eagon of Switzerland.

This collection is fit for the 70’s princess at heart. It’s a collection I could totally see the likes of Bianca Jagger and Jane Birkin donning. Garments were crafted in vibrant hues of cobalt, red, plums, and blacks. I absolutely loved the collection. I found it sexy and powerful, two things the woman of today should represent. I’m always amazed at how the designer can make something, which was popular 35 years ago, still feel fresh and relevant. Diane has this remarkable way of leaving you wanting more, even after the curtain has closed. It’s one of the reasons why I keep coming back for more.

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