New York Fashion Week
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Alexander Wang Fall 2015 RTW

If there is one thing Alexander Wang knows how to do, it’s deliver a strong runway show. This was the very case during the unveiling of his highly anticipated Fall 2015 RTW collection. Being something of a fan myself, I was more than pleased with what the talented designer brought to the runway on Friday. Black appeared to be the overall theme of the collection, as models marched down the runway looking every bit like a 90’s goth. Hints of plaid were also apparent as was the designer’s signature use of leather.

What really drew me into the collection was how Wang managed to make an all black collection look fresh and sophisticated. It’s widely known that black can look somewhat boring on the runway but Wang appeared to dismiss the idea by accessorizing. Wang kept the collection vibrant by incorporating hardware, which came in forms of ball-chained trim tuxedo jackets, silk jacquard robes, billowy, sleeveless dresses, with cutout shoulders, and the occasional wallet chain attached to the waistband of cropped trousers. And let’s not forget Kendall Jenner, who wore a fitted top and long, flowing skirt, adorned with chain fringe detailing at the hem.

Of course, the collection wasn’t all black. White, fisherman’s sweaters were paired with loose-fitting denim, as were plaid motorcycle jackets combined with trousers and chunky boots. If this is any indication of what’s to come over at Balenciaga, I’m already excited!

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