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My All-Time Favorite Halloween Costumes

My All-Time Favorite Halloween Costumes
Halloween happens to be my favorite time of year. C’mon, an entire day revolving around horror movies and candy? What’s not to love? But the problem is, I tend to wait last minute to do almost everything which includes picking out a Halloween costume. This leaves me with a limited selection of costumes choices to choose from, causing me to go as something idiotic. But if you’re anything like me, and tend to wait last minute to pick out a costume; fret no more. Alas, there’s a solution that slight predicament.
Believe or not, you can actually create a totally chic Halloween costume with items you already have in your closet. Above are three examples of costumes I’ve worn in the past. My all-time favorite is going as a flapper. I’m totally obsessed with the 20’s, (hence, the title for my blog), and going as a flapper is my most favorite disguise. The first rule to pulling off this look is the dress. Everyone always chooses a dress with fringe detailing but I like to go with something a little more sexy such as a slip. I feel that it makes the look that more original and authentic.
If you don’t have a slip, then opt for a dress with sequins instead. Finish off the look with stockings, Mary-Janes (I prefer silver or gold), pearls and a chic headband.
My second favorite costume is a sexy witch. Not only is this costume super easy to pull off, but it’s more practical as well. Literally anything black will do but opt for a dress instead. I like to choose one with lace detailing to give the look a spooky feel but if you don’t own anything of the sort, a simplistic LBD will do. Finish off the look with oxford heels, a trendy statement necklace and of course, a witch’s hat and broom. You’ll probably have to head over to Party City for both the broom and hat but if you go last minute, they should be marked down.
My final favorite costume is 80’s chic.Sadly, I was born in the 90’s and therefore wasn’t able to experience one of the chicest decades of all time. Thankfully we have Halloween to make up for that lost. This costume is probably the most fun to immolate. It involves bright colors, (preferably neon), and loads of jewelry, (preferably baubles and beads). Start off with a crop top, if you don’t own a crop top, simply opt for a bright-colored t-shirt. A crinoline if a must if you’re going to pull this look off. Either that or a tutu to make it more authentic. If you don’t own either, opt for bright-colored leggings instead. Think Jane Fonda during her work-out video days. Finish off the look with loads of beaded jewelry, high-tops, and a Scrunchie. If  you don’t own any of these items, you can easily find them online for cheap.
I hope this info helped with you Halloween dilemma. If you choose to go as any of the above, please feel free to send me pics using #DIYHalloween. Also, if you have any other costume ideas, please feel free to share!
Happy Halloween!

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