Month: September 2014

Feminism Meets Fashion at Chanel SS15

I’m a huge believer in equality. I think everyone should be treated fairly, and that undoubtedly includes woman. Woman are such important players in the game of life, and therefore should be treated as such. With that being said, I very much consider my self a feminist. It seems that the topic of feminism, or even considering yourself a feminist, is such a delicate topic to discuss for certain individuals. Even though that might be the case for some, it seems a vast majority of individuals are speaking out regardless. Supporters of the #HeforShe campaign, (a campaign centering around gender rights) include Russell Crowe, Tom Hiddleston, Harry Styles, Chris Colfer, and Emma Watson; who courageously stood in front of the UN, and delivered a breathtaking speech on the matter recently. Another name to add to the ever populating list, is one Mr. Karl Largerfeld. You know, the Creative Director of Chanel. Earlier today, the legendary designer unveiled his SS15 collection, and the theme appeared to be centered around important discussions which are overtaking our country; feminism …

Fashion Friday Roundup

As we say farewell to NYFW, we say goodbye to the amazing ensembles along with it. This week was packed with fashion-forward outfits and I’m here to bring you my favorites. From Alexa Chung in Topshop to Cara Delevinge in Burberry, I’m breaking down which looks made the fashion cut this week. So sit back, relax, and enjoy! 1. Alexa Chung in Topshop   2. Cara Delevinge in Burberry    3. Olivia Palermo in Tibi   4. Poppy Delevinge in Matthew Williamson   5. Harley Viera Newton in Topshop 

A Touch of Inspiration: Minimalist Edition

In life, I prefer things to be clean and have an immense form of structure. It’s the exact same way when it comes to fashion. I’m drawn to pieces which look fresh and have a strong sense of tailoring. The go-to items in my closet are a crisp, white men’s shirt, dark washed skinny jeans, and leather loafers. I’ve always loved the appeal of menswear and perhaps it’s the reason why I enjoy incorporating the look into my wardrobe on occasion. So, with that being said, I thought I would share with you small forms of inspiration which I turn to for clarity. The images are a mixture of minimal pieces paired with masculine. I hope you enjoy!

Phillip Lim Madness

There were many incredible collections to come out of NYFW this year. I mean who could forget that beautiful scene over at Oscar de la Renta? Talk about genius, the man can do no wrong. So, if you asked me to choose one particular show, which I valued above all the others, you would be wise to call me insane. Seeing how no sane human being could simply pick one. But despite the fact that there was something in every show which I enjoyed, there was one which I enjoyed a little more than the others. The talented creations of Mr. Phillip Lim. It seems that every year Mr. Lim unveils a new collection, I’m consistently raving about how amazing it was. This is because the man is simply infused with talent. Talent which is untouchable by any other. This year, every piece which was featured in Lim’s SS15 collection appeared to be specifically designed with me in mind. Seriously, it was like the designer personally called me up and asked what I wanted in a spring/summer …