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My Top 5 Favorite Summer Trends Are…

The air is warmer, the pools are open, and school is finally out. It must be summer time! Ah yes, the time of year when bulky coats are discarded and traded in for short short’s and knee-length dresses. It’s by far my favorite season ever. Not merely because my birthday happens to be in August but because summer fashion is simply more exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I love chunky knits and ankle booties as much as the next fashionista. But let’s face it, you can’t really pull off a floral maxi and wedges when it’s below freezing outside. Hence, why summer is the ultimate time of year for fashion.

With that said, to commemorate the start of the season, I thought I would introduce you to the top 5 summer trends I adore. So without further delay, let’s get started!

1. Bermuda Shorts- Although I happen to be a huge fan of denim cut off’s. I was beyond thrilled when I discovered Bermuda shorts were back in style. If you’re an avid reader of The Gaiety Girl, you’d understand why. There’s a masculine vibe to the trend and with menswear having a huge influence on my style, it’s no wonder why I love the look so much. If you’re a girly tomboy like me, the best way to way to wear this look is with a floral crop top, ankle strap sandals, and a killer clutch. If you’re more tomboy than girly, pair this look with a basic tank, oversize blazer, and oxfords for an androgynous vibe head to toe!

My Top 5 Favorite Trends For Summer 2. Jumpsuits- During the summer, I like to feel comfortable and stylish. There’s no better way to incorporate the both than with a chic jumpsuit. It’s an effortless way to look stylish without having to go to the extreme to do so. There really doesn’t take much to look fashionable in a jumpsuit. I enjoy floral versions with a low-cut silhouette. The easiest way to style this look is with a pair of cute sandals, gold bangles and an awesome crossbody satchel.

My Top 5 Summer Trends 3.  Crop Tops- I’m obsessed with crop tops at the moment. They’re absolutely perfect for those extremely humid days, which are often in NYC during the summer. Many women might be a little hesitant to the trend merely because it leaves ones’ midsection visible. But there really isn’t any need to feel that way. Crop tops are for every shape and size, and not to mention; utterly stylish. I gravitate more towards the looser version, pairing it with slouchy trousers and gladiators. If you’re searching for a more girlish approach, pair the look with a floral full shirt, ankle strap heels, and a chic clutch for the perfect summer ensemble.

My Top 5 Summer Trends 4. Overalls-Perhaps it’s a result from being born in the 90’s or just the fact that I find them plain fashionable. Either way, overalls are my all-time favorite trend for summer. There another one of those none difficult looks to pull off. I like to keep it simple when wearing this look. I simply pair my overalls with a loose, short-sleeved t-shirt, Ked’s, and vintage sunnies. If you’re searching for a more stylish ensemble, pair your overalls with a blazer, ankle strap sandals, and a chic messenger bag.

My Top 5 Favorite Summer Trends 5. Maxi Dress- Alas, we arrive at our final destination; the Maxi Dress. No other summer trend comes quite close to beating the Maxi Dress. It’s stylish, simplistic, and utterly comfortable. There’s honestly no wrong way to accessorize this look since it’s pretty much goof proof. But if you’re a big on accessories, the best way to style this look is with an oversize blazer, gladiator sandals, and bright messenger bag.

My Top 5 Favorite Summer Trends

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