Month: April 2014

Movie Style Icon: Catherine Deneuve in Repulsion

If you are not yet familiar with the name Roman Polanski, it’s high time you get educated. Many who are accustomed to the directorial genius know him through his iconic horror film, Rosmary’s Baby (1968). Although the film is most likely one of my favorite films of all time, (who can resist a horror film where a woman becomes impregnated by the devil with the Anti-Christ?); it’s not my favorite Polanski film. If I had to choose which from the vast collection of Polanski’s films, I would undoubtedly choose Repulsion (1965) . The film follows Belgian manicurist, Carol Ledoux (played by the gorgeous Catherine Deneuve) who is living with her sister in a London flat. Both attracted and disgusted with sex, a virginal Carol begins to mentally fall apart when her sister and her sister’s boyfriend go on holiday and leave Carol alone by herself. Carol begins to hallucinate and ultimately retreat into omitting murder. Both psychologically disturbing and suspenseful addictive, this film is by far one of my favorite of Polanski. Advertisements

Favorite Looks From Coachella

As Coachella sadly ended last weeks, so did the bohemian-infused ensembles. Gone were the cowboy boots, ultra-short denim shorts, flower headbands, and tribal incorporated maxi dresses. But there’s no need to be upset about such an occurrence. Thankfully, every stylish moment was captured on camera and will live on forever through pictures. Below are a couple of my favorite celebrity looks from the event. There’s literally enough Native American-inspired looks to keep us hooked until next year. Which are your favorites?

Fragrance of the Month: MARC JACOBS Daisy Delight

Every so often, I find myself entranced by a particular smell. After all, a great-smelling fragrance can make or break an outfit regardless of how stylish you may think it is. I was about twelve when my mother purchased me my first perfume bottle. As I recall, it was a 1.7 oz of Clinique Happy Heart, which till this day; is still one of my favorite scents. It was fun, slightly flirty, and perfect for someone of my adolescence. It wasn’t until I reached full on puberty that my sense of smell responded to more floral and fresh scents; with slight undertones of spice. One scent that appears to have caught my attention is the new MARC JACOBS Daisy Delight Fragrance. The moment I spritzed the scent on in Sephora, I was instantly transported to a warm summer day in July. With notes of Apple, Gardenia, Peony, and Sandalwood; this scent is the perfect way to celebrate spring,

Color of the Season: Blush

Let’s us bow our heads for a moment, in remembrance of all the wonder that came out of NYC Fashion Week this past September. The runways were bursting with pastels, florals, and sheer ensembles, enough to make any fashionista gasp with unyielding desire. Spring fashion has always been my favorite and for good reason. One particular spring trend which I am avid fan of, is none other than the reoccurring incorporation of the color blush. S/S 14′ RTW runways such as Stella McCartney, Burberry Prorsum, and Chloe were all seen integrating the color somehow into their collections. The color is perfect  for spring with it’s ease and effortless femininity. Despite being an internal girly-girl, I usually gravitate towards basics and rarely wear bright colors such as pink. But since the color can easily fade into the neutral category, I find myself growing more fond of it each and every day. With that said, it;s time to ditch the oppressive shades of black and gray, and begin sporting the ladylike colors of blush and pink.

Movie Style Icon: Kirsten Dunst in The Virgin Suicides

If you haven’t familiarized yourself with a Sophia Coppola film yet, then evidently you’re missing out on one of the greatest filmmakers of our time. I remember watching The Virgin Suicides when I was just 13-years-old. The film centers around the five Lisbon sisters, who commit suicide one by one, over the course of a year in the 1970’s. Coppola’s adaptation of the 1993 novel probably wasn’t the most influential film for a girl of 13 to be watching. But despite the film’s dark demeanor, I found myself falling utterly in love with the eccentricity and innocence the Lisbon sisters (played by Kirsten Dunst, Hanna Hall, A.J Cook, Leslie Hayman, and Chelse Swain) possessed. Movie Style Icon: Kirsten Dunst in The Virgin Suicides by sandrarose featuring a white embroidered tunic But apart from the stellar performances, and superb directing, the film also retains an original costume collection. Especially that of Lux Lisbon (played by Dunst). Lux Lisbon is the the fourth youngest of the Lisbon girls and has the most, in my opinion, stylish ensembles …

My April Wish-List

As we get further into spring, and the temps begin to rise, I find myself gravitating more towards “pretty” clothing. As you can see from my “April Wish-List” below; there’s not a single dark color in sight. In fact, the majority of the collection is entirely in pastels. For my “April Wish-List”, I decided to go with floral’s and light colors because to me, that’s the whole representation of spring. One of my favorite items in the collection is this Emporio Armani structured tote, which I chose in turquoise. I recently took a new job as an e-commerce assistant at a luxury lingerie boutique and therefore need a bag which will fit everything from my i-Pad to my lipstick. That, apart from the totally chic design and color, was why I chose the tote. Everything pretty much speaks for itself. When I first saw this floral, Oscar de la Renta dress, I’ll admit I was a little afraid. I’m not exactly one for girly prints but the more I glanced at the dress; the more I felt …