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Dior Homme Commercial: Director’s Cut

Merely mentioning the name Dior is enough to send any devoted fashionista into a state of momentary comatose. But when you attach a name like Robert Pattinson along to the brand, it simply amplify’s that hysteria. I’ve been a fan of both for a while. I fell in love with Dior at the age of 13, while I was glancing through an issue of Vogue and spotted models strutting down a runway in pastel colored, ball gowns designed  by the brand’s then Creative Director; Hedi Slimane. To be fairly honest, it was that precise moment that sparked my vast interest in fashion.

So I guess you could say Dior sort of paved the way for my utter fashion enthusiasm. As for Mr. Pattinson, I pretty much fell head over heels for the handsome Brit the same way every other girl did; while watching Twilight. You could only imagine my joy when I discovered the brand chose Rob to become the face of their Dior Homme fragrance. Below is the actual Director’s Cut of the sexy/sophisticated commercial, directed by Romain Gavras, and features Mr. Pattinson enthralled in a Hitchcock-like love affair with a gorgeous blonde model. Pattinson looks his usual self, brooding and straightforwardly attractive. Check out the video below and see for yourself.

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