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Three Simple Ways To Wear Menswear!

Three Simple Ways To Wear Menswear!
I’ve always liked a little masculinity in my clothing. The silhouette is always sophisticated and on cue. I’ve complied three outfits crafted with three of my favorite menswear pieces, a suit, blazer, and over sized cardigan. The outfits above give you an idea of just how easy it is to take any piece from your beau’s closet and turn it into something your own.
Suit– Technically this a two piece woman’s suit but the fit is loose giving it that masculine feel. You can easily take a menswear suit and do just the exact. Just make sure to look for soft colors so that the whole outfit doesn’t look too masculine. You still want to keep that femininity. Also make sure the fit is right, if it isn’t then a tailor is your best bet.
Blazer– I love men’s blazer’s, the fit is perfect as is the shape. I decided to pair this blazer with a fitted collared shirt, distressed skinnies, nude ankle strap pumps and structured bag. The floral scarf adds that femininity you need to maintain that balance.
Cardigan-Just as much as I love men’s cardigans; I love men’s cardigans just as much. I’ve always been something of a tomboy and love my clothes to fit a little loose. This cardigan is cozy and warm for those chilly spring nights that are surely to come. I paired the cardigan with a floral skirt, messenger bag and ankle booties. I love this look because it’s perfect for weekend errands or trips to the flea market. Comfort and style!

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