Month: May 2013

HOT NOW: Olympia Le-Tan

  HOT NOW: Olympia Le-Tan by sandrarose featuring olympia le tan Accessories are probably the most important part of any outfit. Whether it’s the perfect hat to go with that gorgeous dress or the perfect pair of stilettos to compliment a pair of pants; it’s no surprise that choosing the right accessory can make or break an outfit. So what’s the hottest accessory on the market at the moment, why it’s non other than the wondrous creations crafted by designer Olympia Le-Tan. Her unique clutches that resemble iconic books and records have been seen in the hands of the most famous celebrities and models. Everyone from Miranda Kerr to Cara Delevingne has been spotted with one of these infamous creations and for good reason. Being original when it comes to fashion is probably one of the essentials that make you stand out. Besides, who wants to be ordinary when you can be so much more? That’s exactly what Ms. Le-Tan accomplishes with these lavish concoctions suitable for anyone with a wondering eye for fashion. Advertisements

Vogue and Riccardo Tisci

I have a wide range of designers that I absolutely adore. Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, Phillip Lim, Alber Elbaz, The Olsens, Elie Saab, to name a few. But one of my ultimate favorites would have to be none other than Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy. His designs are wondrous and elegant with numerous hint of originality. I’m absolutely in love with this talented designer and was blown away by this interview he did with I’ve always been fascinated by watching interviews whether it’s of an actor, author, singer, or designer. Mainly because everyone is mostly familiar with the work they do rather then the person they are. So I guess I’m always surprised by watching someone in an interview because you get a better sense of who they are as a person. I’ve only been familiar with Riccardo’s designs rather than his personality. With this interview I got to see the man behind the designs which is always interesting. Watch the video below and feel free to comment on what you thought!

Celebrity Style Fave: Poppy Delevingne

Celebrity Style Fave: Poppy Delevingne by sandrarose featuring jo no fui I usually find that 99% of the time, models usually have an excellent eye for fashion, thus making them style icons in the process. One of those individuals happens to be none other than Bristish model, Poppy Delevingne (big sister to infamous British model, Cara Delevingne). Her look is polished with minimalistic undertones and just a touch of boho edge. She combines refined pieces with vintage inspired items for a East coast meets West feel. The unexpected feel of her ensembles are refreshing as well as surprisingly chic. To emulate Poppy’s look try pairing bohemian inspired pieces with sophisticated and elegant ones. Pair a floral dress consisting of a low-high hem with ankle booties and a structured blazer or tailored trousers with a faux fur vest for a urban hipster feel. Cobalt Blazer-MASC $995 Faux Fur Vest-Ju No Fui $1,076 Polka-dot Trousers-Dolce & Gabbana $575 Suede Ankle Booties in Toffee-Rag & Bone-$649 Quilted Chain Strap Bag-Chanel $4,249 Floral Strapless High-Low Dress-Xhilaration $25

Spring Trend: Printed Shorts

I hope everyone has been enjoying this fabulous weather that has finally decided to grace us with it’s presence. Am a fanatic for warm weather and like it rather hot. The cold doesn’t really suit me all that well. Perhaps it’s the Spanish blood that courses through my veins that causes me to have such love for boiling hot weather. Regardless of the reason, I’m just glad it’s finally warming up outside. I was beginning to get a little worried there for a second. So as the weather warms up we begin to see a vast shift in clothing. Individuals have traded in their layers and opted to show more skin. Long gone are the boring, thick coats that envelope us whole. No-no, they’re replaced by sheer blazers, mid-thigh chiffon skirts (preferably in bright colors), pretty dresses and short shorts in wondrous prints. Prints are such a huge part of my wardrobe and as I’ve progressed in fashion; have become something of an essential. Printed shorts are such an easy way to upgrade and outfit as well …

Big News!!

Hello Lovelies, I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful yet slightly cool weather we’ve been experiencing in the district lately. I’m am excited to say that I have some rather astonishing news. I’ve recently teamed up with Keaton Row which is an online styling website to create my very own online styling business. It is a project I’m very happy about and cannot wait to get started. The site works with brands such as Free People, Tinley Road, Hive + Honey, Sabine, C+C California, Michael Kors and much more! It is a wonderful opportunity and I couldn’t be more excited! I will need some help starting out so if you happen to be in search a wonderful stylist whether it’s for an event or an ongoing basis, I’ve attached the link below so feel free to check it out. If you feel that this is something you would want to be apart then feel free to shoot me an email explaining want you would want from a stylist and how it would benefit you. I honestly could …

Three Simple Ways To Wear Menswear!

Three Simple Ways To Wear Menswear! by sandrarose featuring rachel comey booties I’ve always liked a little masculinity in my clothing. The silhouette is always sophisticated and on cue. I’ve complied three outfits crafted with three of my favorite menswear pieces, a suit, blazer, and over sized cardigan. The outfits above give you an idea of just how easy it is to take any piece from your beau’s closet and turn it into something your own. Suit– Technically this a two piece woman’s suit but the fit is loose giving it that masculine feel. You can easily take a menswear suit and do just the exact. Just make sure to look for soft colors so that the whole outfit doesn’t look too masculine. You still want to keep that femininity. Also make sure the fit is right, if it isn’t then a tailor is your best bet. Blazer– I love men’s blazer’s, the fit is perfect as is the shape. I decided to pair this blazer with a fitted collared shirt, distressed skinnies, nude ankle …