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Coachella Fashion Round-Up

As Coachella came to a close last weekend, unfortunately so did the fabulous fashion. I’m always such a fan of music festival fashion. The eccentricity (although not required) is most certainly preferred. Despite some striving a little to high to get noticed, when music festival fashion is done right, it can be ever-so rewarding. I know I’m a week late in documenting these favorites down but cut me some slack, I’m a starving fashion student who does work for a living. So below are a couple of my fashion favorites this year at Coachella, some famous others not. However, that doesn’t make them any less chic. Also, if you were lucky enough to attend Coachella this year or know someone who did, feel free to send me their picks of what they wore. I would love to include it into this post.

Alessandra AmbrisioI’m a huge fan of VS model Alesssandra Ambrisio. Every time she is captured out and about, she always looks flawless regardless of what she is wearing. Girlfriend could make a trash bag look stylish with that sick figure of hers. This is look is simply effortless and 100% perfect for Coachella. I love the studded boots paired with the lace detailing on her shorts and blouse. Gorgeous!

Coachella Fashion 2013Here is another one of my favorites worn by a music loving fashionista. Although I’m not a fan of the floral headbands that have been overly worn lately, I can’t the same for this casually chic ensemble. Everything (apart from the floral headband) is on cue. The floral kimono tucked into the distressed cut-offs paired with killer ankle booties and a fringed bag is exceptionally stylish.

Coachella Fashion 2013Here’s a perfect example of how one can pull off the music festival style with polish. You don’t always have to be overly dressed and crazy to be granted an invitation to Coachella. This look is incredibly fashionable with just the right amount of originality. The floral shorts really play well with the white blouse, ankle booties and fedora. The pink messenger bag adds a pop of color and pulls the whole look together.

Coachella Fashion 2013It goes without saying that I’m in love with this two piece floral ensemble. I’m always a fan of things that are unique in their own way and this is one of those pieces. It gives off a vintage vibe without being too retro. The wedges, funky sunnies, and awesome wick bag really bring the look together. Definitely one of my all time faves at Coachella this year.

Behati PrinslooI absolutely adore this look worn by VS model Behati Prinsloo. The distressed denim shorts paired with the graphic crop top and motorcycle boots somehow work well together and the purple wig just adds that hint of eccentricity. That’s what I love about music festivals no one really cares what you wear or how unusual it may look. It’s almost encouraged to look a little out of place in order to blend in.

Kate Bosworth Coachella 2013Actress Kate Bosworth has always been a fashion favorite of mine and this time at Coachella is no different. I absolutely adore this two piece embroidered ensemble and loved how she paired it with brown ankle booties. It’s very simplistic with just the right amount of originality as well. By far one of my favorites!


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