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One Skirt-Three Ways

One Skirt-Three Ways
Pencil skirts are universally flattering. They make any figure look long and lean paired with a killer set of heels. If only there was a way we ladies could wear them other than for work. Luckily there is. Many woman do not realize that pencil skirts aren’t just for the workplace. There are numerous way you can incorporate this chic piece of clothing into any outfit. That is why I chose a pencil skirt for this week’s One Item-Three Ways. This floral Project D pencil skirt is absolutely perfect for spring as well as summer.
Playful– If playful what you’re trying to achieve then there’s really only one rule-have fun! Mix patterns together, add funky jewelry, incorporate bright colors and fun accessories. Just remember when you’re mixing patterns, stay in the same color spectrum.
Edgy- Many people think that in order to be edgy, you have to resemble a Black Sabbath member. Fortunately that is not the case. For this look I chose to use a light knit, utility jacket, and some sick ankle booties to pull the entire look together. Notice how it’s not too over the top yet it still breeches  that edgy aesthetic?  When choosing to go edgy, choose bold accessories with originality. Stick with a basic color palate such as black, grey, or even nude. Just remember to forger the studs and distressed tee’s.
Sweet- Another misconception when it comes to clothing is being sweet. Many also think it’s all about hearts and the overuse of the color pink. Once again, fortunately that’s not the case. There are many other ways you can give off the sweet vibe without the use of hearts or pink. For this look I chose an embroidered blouse with a Peterpan collar. A floral headpiece and some nude pumps really pull the entire look together without being too innocent. Choose soft accessories such as a pendent or pearls and look for details such lace and chiffon. These articles will definitely make a huge difference.

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