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Spring Inspired Home Decor!

Now  that spring has finally sprung, it’s time to open the curtains and let in the light shine in. I absolutely adore redecorating for each season. Summer is usually pigments of turquoise and yellow, autumn is bright reds and oranges, winter is dark cobalt’s and indigos and spring is gorgeous pinks and greens. As much as I love putting together an outfit, decorating a room is just as much fun and something I have grown to love more as time has passed. But when you’re an art student on a budget, decorating can sometimes be a little difficult to achieve. So that’s why I’ve decided to show you that even though money is incredibly tight, there are some simplistic (and cheap) ways you can turn any room around.

Spring inspired home decor Pictures are such an easy way to transform any room. The added bonus is that they’re incredibly affordable as well. Here is a perfect example of how a couple portraits can light up a portion of a room or house. I usually like to mix and match color palates and patterns and assemble them above coffee tables, sofas, drawers, and my bed such as the picture above. The thrift store and flea markets always have the best assortment of portraits as well as stores such as Target or TjMaxx. Since it’s spring, search for  floral patterns with beautiful and bright colors for that extra oomph!

Spring inspired home decor

Curtains are probably the easiest way to brighten up any space. They’re also simple to create from old sheets and a fun D.I.Y project when you’re on a budget. I’ve found this awesome blog (click here) that shows how you can do that if you’re searching for something great to do during the weekend! If you would much rather purchase them at a store you can easily find them for cheap at Marshalls. I just purchased these beautiful green floral curtains for only $16 which I intend to use for my spring decorating. Just make sure to search for unique patterns with fun colors. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match colors, sometimes matching can be incredibly BORING!

Spring sinpired home decor Throw pillows are so much fin to shop for. They instantly brighten any room and are perfect for dressing up a space. Mix and match color palates to create that off balanced vibe that is extremely unexpected. You can find cheap pillows at thrift stores as well as Target. Make sure to search in the sale isle because they usually have chic items that are always overlooked. Just remember to have fun with it and bring your own personality as well.

Spring inspired home decor

You can never go wrong with flowers. They cost almost nothing and make such a huge difference when decorating. Pink roses or peonies are usually my first choice but you can basically choose any you like. Just add a funky vase that really sets off the color of the flower and you will be all set for spring.

6ee7d0310493e4d7b680b34f820e583aMirrors are my ultimate favorite way to decorate any room. I usually love choosing different shapes and colors them pairing them together above unique furniture. Now these can sometimes be expensive but flea markets usually have great styles at fair prices. Thrift stores are also great places to search as well as Etsy.

spring inspired home decor Lighting is essential in any space. I love shopping for lamps because they really compliment a space. Choose fun colors and shape that bring an immense amount of personality along with it. Since it’s spring I usually like picking colors in green, yellow or pink. Also remember that that the lamps do not have to match any item in your house. Randomly choosing colors really adds to the playfulness of spring.

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