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Interview With De Lune’s Claire Geist

Claire from her blog, De Lune

Claire from her blog, De Lune

It’s no secret that without fashion bloggers, the fashion industry would be just a little lonely. Of course one would find comfort in the creations of Jason Wu or Phillip Lim but somehow it wouldn’t be quite the same. It’s safe to say that fashion bloggers keep the creativity flowing as well as the inspiration. One fashion blogger in particular has evolved and become something of an overnight success, (with a bit of struggle here and there). Claire Geist, of fashion blog De Lune, is the name she goes by and if you have not yet heard of her, shame on you!

She has captured fashion enthusiasts, (such as myself) from around the world and has been featured in Teen Vogue as well as other publications. With her grunge sophisticated inspired outfits and a personality so witty, you could just confuse her with one Alexa Chung. But one glance at this extremely talented gal and all comparisons fly out the window. Claire is in a league of her own and  and it clearly shows in every one of her outfits. I had the fortunate opportunity of being able to interview this clever Buffalo native and I couldn’t have been more enthused with the results!


1.) How did you blog come to be?

My family moved from NYC to Buffalo, NY when I started High School. I missed my New York roots and started becoming more and more interested in the Fashion Industry, so I started fabricating these little shoots in my attic where I would style some pieces and talk about my rotating inspiration. These projects became posts, and I haven’t looked back since.

2.) For readers who aren’t as familiar with your blog (God forbid), how would you describe it?

Another still from Claire's blog, De Lune

Another still from Claire’s blog, De Lune

I guess I would say De Lune has your usual personal-style-blog flare, but I try to communicate the mindset behind an outfit choice

through my photos, each post is a project.

3.) Was fashion something you’ve always wanted to get involved in? If not, when was the turning point and inspiration

that drew you in?

I was always interested in style and projecting the self throughclothes, but not Fashion per se. It wasn’t until I started watching Hrriet Mays-Powell, the then-Fashion-Editor-in-chief of New York Magazine, interview designers that I got inspired to learn more about where clothes came from.

4.) How would you describe your personal style?

Ecclectic with a dash of rock culture. I like every piece I wear to have a purpose or a story behind it.

5. Are there any specific influences that add onto personal style such as a time period or era?

I looove psychedelic and mod/rocker style. There’s something about youth culture in the 50’s-70’s that feels very classic and always present in my life. My parents are baby -boomers, so I grew up idolizing rock gods.


Claire Geist from her blog De Lune

Claire Geist from her blog De Lune

6. Describe a day in the life Claire Geist.

In a nutshell, I have classes in the morning and early-afternoon, from there I usually have meetings with PR peeps or brands, then I might have an event or two at night. All other time is dedicated to homework. I usually work on blog posts on the weekends.

7. What are your absolute must haves in order to get through the day, (i.e coffee, chap stick, security blanket) ?

Earl Grey tea, Vitamin E, something to read and melatonin.

8. What’s one item in your closet that is most special to you and why?

My mom thrifted the plainest black sweater for me when I was in high school. It’s just a heavy, woven boat-neck sweater, but it falls like water and fits me perfectly.

9. If you weren’t blogging, what would want to be doing?

I guess at the end of the day I just want to be a jack of all trades. Probably would’ve involved photography, but this makes me happy, so I can’t see myself without Blogging.

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