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8 Of The Best Knits For Winter

8 Of The Best Knits For Winter
Winter happens to be my favorite season. Alright, that’s not entirely true seeing as every season is my favorite but when it comes to fashion, I always say that winter is the best season. It’s the time of year when I dust off all my cozy knits and bring them to life once more. Plus, it gives me a chance to layer up which is one of the best fashion statements yet. I usually like shopping at the thrift store for knits because for some reason, I always find the best ones there.
I like mine extra large and chunky so that I have enough room to move around in them. Purchasing a larger knit than the one you usually would wear also gives you more leverage to layer with. Above are eight of the best knits on the market at the moment. There’s one for everyone whether you like embellished, patterned, or simply plain; these are your best choices to go for!
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