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Designer To Watch: Chitose Abe (Sacai)

Designer To Watch: Chitose Abe (Sacai)
In order to be a designer, one must possess a certain quality in their designs that hasn’t been seen elsewhere. You have to obtain originality and uniqueness about every piece you create. If none of these attributes exist in your collection or lacking then you might as well pack it up and head home. Sound harsh? Please, in order to make it in this business, harshness is something you face daily.
Now Chitose Abe who is the creator of the label Sacai, isn’t lacking in neither originality or uniqueness. Her designs are impeccable with a touch of distinctness and creativity. Just one glance at her collection and it’s evident that the Japanese native has talent. Mostly playing with patterns and structure it’s obvious that Chitose has an implacable pallet. Her designs are right up my alley when it comes to getting dressed.
I usually steer clear of too much color and go for the neutrals which bugs the hell out of my co-workers and friends. Many a times I’ve had to listen to “Sandra, why can’t you wear more color”?
Well because I simply don’t want to. Not that there is anything wrong with color, it’s great. Life could always use a bit more color right? I just choose to leave it out of my wardrobe that’s all. I mean don’t get me entirely wrong and write me up as an “emo” inspired person. I wear bits of color when it’s appropriate.
If you take a look into my closet you will find certain hues of blue, yellow and some pink. But that’s not to say my entire wardrobe reflects a frickin rainbow. Now it’s patterns that really gets me all excited. Patterns are the Ying to my Yang. The Mr. Big to my Carrie. The Karl Lagerfeld to my Chanel.
Alright, you pretty much get the point without all the Pop Culture references. But yes, patterns are what I live for and if they so happen to come in shades of neon pink and green then that’s something I’ll have to expect. So this is probably the reason why I adore this label so much. Patterns play a huge part in Abe’s collection and that’s something I simply can’t argue with.
xx Sandra
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