Month: December 2012

ASOS To Lanch U.S Flagship (Kind Of)

It seems the British seem to have the best of everything. Fish & Chips, Dukes and Duchesses, boy bands; and the chicest retail shops such as Topshop and ASOS. Ah yes, the wondrous British retail company known as ASOS which has played such a large part in my wardrobe since I came across it two years ago. My closet and ASOS have a love/love relationship and are on very good terms constantly. Such good terms that it seems that my entire wardrobe consists mostly of the quirky and edgy brand. But you see, I’ve been torn because sadly the brand only exists in the U.K and I have only been able to purchase items online. You might not think that as problematic but if you’re like me; it proposes a huge dilemma. You see, part of the thrill when it comes to shopping for me is actually getting to try on the clothes I’m interested so that I’m able to view what I’ll look like in the design. When ASOS first launched it’s E-Commerce site, I have been awaiting for the day when the Brits would come …

Topshop and Kate Bosworth Team Up!

If you have not already viewed the stunning actress in the Topshop Christmas inspired mini film then allow me to change that. The gorgeous star is featured in a beautiful sequined number as she sings Winter Wonderland atop a grand piano (very Michelle Pfeiffer in The Fabulous Baker Boys). If you were among the many who had no recollection that Ms. Bosworth had any musical talents at all, feel free to join the club. When I first saw the mini length film I was not only taken aback by the stellar designs but by Boworths’ performance as well. Bosworth was selected to be the face of Topshops’ Holiday Campaign which was the reason for the film in the first place. It was a knockout choice because seeing how the star is active in the fashion industry with her unique fashion choices, it was pretty much a no brainer. Check out Kate in the video below and judge for yourself!

D.C Art Feature: Claudia and Sergio Olivos

I’m not going to lie, art is something I never had much interest in. Music, fashion, photography, and film are the only forms art that truly interests me. I guess I never really caught the art bug that all my cosmopolitan friends have been infected with. Maybe it was all the museums I was forced to attend during grade school that brought on my unrequited love for art or maybe it something else entirely. Staring at a portrait of splattered paint for hours and trying to understand the meaning behind it was something I could never do. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate the work behind art. Even though I may not fully understand it, I understand having such a strong passion for something you purely love. It wasn’t until a year ago when a friend of mine dragged me along to her boyfriends’ art show that I became fascinated with the whole art scene. After that night I went home and did my homework when it came to art. Familiarizing myself with …

Seasons Greeting’s

I wanted to skip the post today and simply wish you all Happy Holidays. The Holidays are my favorite time of year and they seem to come and go so quickly. Every year I try my best to preserve the holiday spirit as much as possible. By doing this I start listening to Christmas music well into September before the holiday season has even begun. It doesn’t appear to make a difference because they still fly by in the blink of an eye (Ha-it rhymes). Due to unfortunate events that have occurred recently, it’s important that we cherish every waking moment of our lives and the important people in them. So instead of whining about how that large package under the tree didn’t turn out to be that present you were wishing for, take the time to be thankful for what you do have. You only get one life so try to make the most of it and pray for those who aren’t as fortunate.