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The Wonders of Sea Buckthorn Oil

For many years us woman (and men) have been searching for a product that will work wonders for our face. We’ve examined and reviewed only to be let down when we come up short. We’re all looking for that one magical product that will erase wrinkles, banish acne, brighten, protect, and correct. But when does the search actually stop? Luckily I’ve found a little gem I feel that might just be the answer to our repetitive prayers.

The answer you ask is a little natural ingredient that goes by the name of Sea buckthorn oil. What is Sea buckthorn oil you ask? Sea buckthorn oil or “Seaberry” for short has been a key ingredient in many Chinese, Mongolian, and Tibetan medicines for several years. Mostly used in tonics, this little fireball of a berry does it all. It can either be digested or applied externally.

It contains every vitamin known to mankind including Omega 7, 6 and 3 which is known to moisturize and soothe skin as well as help promote healthy skin tissue. Not only is it amazing for your skin but it’s also great for hair and nails as well. We’ve seen oils promote many miracles in the sake of beauty such as Argan Oil and the famous Moroccan Oil for hair but none of them are as powerful as this particular product. This month Sephora releases a product from the Fresh beauty line which is solely created from Sea Buckthorn oil. It’s meant to be applied to the skin but like I said before, it can also be used for cubicles and hair.

The Co-founder of Fresh, Lev Glazman first came across Sea Buckthorn when he was little living in East Siberia. When he was a child he accidentally tripped over a bucket of boiling water and burnt his arm pretty badly. He was then taken to the doctor where his arm was treated with a pasty orange salve which he later found out was the famous Sea Buckthorn oil. He says until this day he doesn’t have one single scar or mark from that incident.

It’s amazing how one little berry can produce such wondrous results. But what exactly is it that makes Sea Buckthorn effective? My guess would be the vitamin’s in the oil. Like I mentioned before, it contains three important Omega’s but it also contains much more. Such as Phytosterol, Vitamin E, Beta-Carotene, Anti-Oxidants, and Carotenoid which helps to support its fairly high success rate as a skin repairing and conditioning oil.

Wow, with key factors such as these, it’s hard to see why woman aren’t lined up in front of Sephora to get their freshly manicured hands on a vile of this product. But take my word when I say this certain product isn’t going to be cheap. Ranking in at $50 a pop, you might have to break your bank a little. Unless you’re the type of person that spends their entire check at Sephora anyways, go for it. But I guess with all the marvels this little development produces, $50 is simply a small price to pay.

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