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SNL Brad Pitt Chanel No.5 Parody

Brad Pitt Ad #1.

So I’m sure you’ve all seen the Brad Pitt Chanel No.5 comercials by now. I’m not entirely sure what I think of them all. To be honest it seems as if they force fed Brad acid right before the comercials. But seeing as it’s Brad Pitt, I’ll beleive anything he says. Whether it’s him talking about journeys ending or dreams taking over.

Either way, it works for him. So while I was supposed to be writing a paper for class, I ended up doing what I always do; procrastinating on YouTube. While there I uncovered this little gem of SNL doing a parody of Brad’s Chanel comercial. If you know me you’ll know I appreciate a good parody. Whether it’s some random person doing a Bieber parody or someone making fun of the already hilarious Gangnam Style video.

Parodies are what get me through the day. So here’s my little gift to you on this lovely Monday afternoon. I hope it brings you a little comic relief to get you through the hectic day you’ve probably had so far.


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