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90’s Flashback

Spring Fashion

Balmain Spring/Summer 2013

Let’s close our eyes and take a trip back to the 90’s. What exactly are you visualizing? If the visions of plaid, Doc Martins, Beverly Hills 90210, My So Called Life, overalls, Calvin Klein, and crop tops are overflowing your brain then odds are you’re in the right decade. The nineties were a turning point in the fashion industry. The grunge scene was just taking off and designers such as Calvin Klein and Versace were quickly becoming household names in the fashion business.

Spring Fashion 2013

Acne Spring/Summer 2013

Throughout the years trends have appeared and disappeared just as quickly as they arrived. But in some cases there comes a trend that’s so forceful, it doesn’t want to leave.

This just so happens to be the situation with trends born in the 90’s. Everything from overalls to crop tops were among the many looks hatched in the same decade where Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins were climbing the charts. During Paris Fashion Week, those particular looks were among the trends seen on the many models walking down the runways.

The Phillip Lim, Acne, and Balmain shows all featured a little bit of 90’s nostalgia thrown into their collections. During the Phillip Lim we saw models strut down the runway dressed in overalls featured in bold colors. The Acne and Phillip Lim shows were a sort of throw back to the 90’s grunge scene while the Balmain show had bits of Versace influences thrown into the mix. As soon as the stick-thin models walked down the runway at the Balmain show, I was immediately taken back to the early 90’s where shoulder pads suits and black leather were key factors in woman’s clothing. Hard to believe looking at runway shows nowadays where futuristic clothing seems to be what every designer is shooting for.

Spring 2013 Fashion

Phillip Lim Spring/Summer 2013

But being a child of the nineties it seems as if I have a small soft spot for trends created during that time. Glancing into my closet you can easily see the influence that the 90’s had on me. You’ll not only find clothing made of chiffon and lace but concert tee’s, studded jackets, Doc Martins, plaid, and oversized blazers as well. So maybe this is why I was relieved when I noticed the trend making a slight comeback on the runways in Paris. Or maybe it’s something entirely different.

Either way, the 90’s have comeback and hopefully; they’re here to stay.




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