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Elie Saab Spring Collection

There’s no fixing my overflowing list of favorite designers.Then again, why fix what isn’t broken? Every day it seems there’s a new designer that struts onto the fashion scene with a bewitching aesthetic and captures my heart. Whether it’s Jason Wu, Phillip Lim, or Karen Walker; I’m hooked at first sight. But if you know me incredibly well then you would know that amongst the large list of designers I favor, there’s a smaller list of the ones I love.

Although love, I feel, is too vast of an understatement. Let’s go with worship as that’s a bit closer to a word that I would use. Who’s on this list you ask? Well only the best of course. The head honchos of the fashion industry.

The lead actors in actresses if you will.

Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Hubert de Givenchy, Cristobal Balenciaga, Dolce and Gabbana are a few of the names that reside in my list of designers I absolutely worship. Also in this small list would be non other than Elie Saab. Words aren’t enough to describe this ultra talented designer. You need hands gestures, vocal effects, and maybe even a couple of members from the Glee cast to help. I bet Rachel Barry could do this description justice.

But since I’m limited to only a post on WordPress, I’ll do my best. Elie Saab or E.S to most, designs clothes that pretty much transcend time. His creations both whimsical and dashing with some modernism thrown into the mix. Creating his first collection at the tender age of eighteen, it was apparent at first stitch that this Lebanon native had talent. Which if you look over some of his establishments, is pretty obvious.

His spring collection is no different. Once I looked over the designs, I fell in love with Saab all over again which is always the case every season. Romanticism, grace, elegance, class, and taste are among the many synonyms that describe Saabs Spring collection. But if you’re familiar with his work, you know that descriptions usually fall short from the actual version. Which I’ve come to realize is usually the case with a lot of designers.

Even though Paris was loaded with fashionistas from all over the world, it was creations from Raf Simmons (Dior Head Creator), Hedi Silimane (YSL Head Creator), and Elie Saab as well as other designers who truly earned their titles as true fashionistas during Paris Fashion Week. Saab really knocked it out of the park this season. Floor-length gowns featuring lace and chiffon, a variety of unique prints, and cocktail dresses with sequins and  embellishments stitched onto them; all made appearances in Saabs Spring collection. Let’s just say the feedback from the crowd  wasn’t the sound effect of crickets chirping but a roar of applause sweeping the entire facility instead. This response only increased when Saab stepped out onto the runway transforming the previous reaction into a full standing ovation from everyone in the room. For good reason too.

Every piece in this collection is unique and enchanting. It’s not every day you find designers that have such a rare form of talent like Saab. His creations are always pushing the limit but staying sweet and lovely at the same time. It’s incredibly simple to locate a Ellie Saab design from a crowd. Just look for design made with elegance, intricacy, and grace all rolled into one.


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