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NYC Fashion Week Highlights

As NYC Fashion Week comes to a close I can’t help but feel a bit depressed. Don’t worry, I’ll recover. With some Ben and Jerry’s to guide me through what feels like a bad breakup;  I think I’ll be alright. I guess I shouldn’t fret too much, I’ll always have New York. So with that said let’s get down to the reason why we’re all here; fashion.

Designers were not holding back this Fall. While some trends we’ve already predicted and seen, some were unexpected yet just as chic.  Bold colors, corsets, leather, voluminous coats, and skirt suits were included in many of the designer collections. As my eyes were locked on my laptop screen, it was kind of odd that I didn’t have an asthma attack. NOTE: I don’t even have asthma.

Even though I was not able to attend NYC Fashion Week, mainly because of the fact that I’m a struggling student and can’t even afford a ticket (so sad), I was definitely there in spirit. Floating above Bryant Park watching the likes of Anna Wintour, Micheal Kors, Karl Largerfeld, and every socialite in the New York area make their way into the shows. Okay, so maybe I wasn’t exactly floating above the rich and the famous in NYC, that sounds a little too Patrick Swayze in Ghost. But luckily I did get to witness the fashions all from my reliable, little laptop. and let’s just say that all the best fashions weren’t all on the catwalk.

Every year NYC Fashion Week brings out the fashionista in every celebrity. I don’t know what is that drives these celebs who aren’t exactly fashionistas to begin with, all of a sudden decide to change the way they dress. Maybe it’s the fact that these celebs are being surrounded by fashion forward people from all around the world or maybe it’s just good common sense to dress up for Fashion Week. In my opinion I think it’s a bit of both. Lord knows if I was going to be in the same room as Anna Wintour herself, I would definitely ransack my closet for something Vogue worthy.

But like I said before, it was the celebs who were bringing it this year in NYC. So with that said I leave you with only the best of the best during Fashion Week. Both on the runway and off.  Because not everyone has to be a  runway model to pull off an amazing and fabulous look.

NYC Fashion Week 2012

Jesscia Alba

NYC Fashion Week 2012

Stylist Rachel Zoe

NYC Fashion Week 2012

Blogger Bryanboy

NYC Fashion Week 2012

Rodarte Spring 2012 Collection

NYC Fashion Week 2012

Whitney Port

NYC Fashion Week 2012

Stylist Brad Goreski

NYC Fashion Week 2012

Karen Walker F/W 2012

NYC Fashion Week 2012

Kelly Osbourne

NYC Fashion Week 2012

Ryan Lochte

NYC Fashion Week 2012

Olivia Palermo

NYC Fashion Week 2012

Emma Stone

NYC Fashion Week 2012

Model Karlie Kloss

NYC Fashion Week 2012

Lauren Conrad

NYC Fashion Week

Anna Wintour

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