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Casual Friday

Casual Friday

Casual Friday

Casual Friday

Casual Friday

Casual Friday

Casual Friday

Friday-one word never sounded so sweet. As soon as Monday rolls into town I’m already anticipating until Friday gets here. There’s something to be said about the day before the weekend starts. Technically my weekend starts as soon as work is out which happens to be at 4:30 every Friday. Ah yes, Fridays.

Everyone is either going home to start their weekend or out on the town already starting it. I love Fridays but Fridays in D.C are even better. As I walked by the White House at 6:30, the sun was just beginning to set and the city held a post-work glow. I was going to have dinner with a friend at 8:00 so what was I to do until then? I knew just the answer, shop. Yes, I know; I have a problem but I refuse to admit it out loud.

So until I come to realization with this addiction I’ll just float on by in the H&M isles. Carelessly pretending as if this was the first time I’ve been there, even though it’s probably my 80th. As I walked down F street I noticed a store that had not been there before, TJ-Maxx. Surely I must have been seeing a mirage. It was possible from the heat and the fact that I was tired from doing almost six hours of inventory.

But as I adjusted my eyes and pinched myself to make I wasn’t dreaming, I came to the conclusion that what I was seeing was real. The smile on my face was so big, people were actually beginning to stare. It’s D.C not New York so people tend to stare whenever you look out-of-place which is me 98 percent of the time. Once to smile faded a little, not entirely, I decided to make my way into the store. As soon as I was fully inside the new store smell hit me like a moving bus. Not to mention the two floors filled with endless rows of designer brand clothing.

I did my rounds with the large smile still planted on my face. I was a little girl in a candy shop. Forty-five minutes later I had discovered BCBG Aztec wedges on sale for $8.00, orange Vince Camuto pants for $39.50, and a gorgeous Cynthia Rowley messenger bag for $40.00. All in all, I’d say my little trip was worth wild. With my items all paid for I bid adou my new shopping spot and made my way to dinner.

As I made into the restaurant my bestie was already waiting for me at a booth in the back. Her smile faded when she saw the large TJ-Maxx bag in my hand.

“Really Sandra, more shopping”? was her greeting to me.

“Always” was the only logical thing I could say. We both laughed it off and sat down to one of the best dinners of my life. It was the perfect way to start the weekend.

White Shirt-The Gap

Denim Shorts-Thrifted

Sandles-Forever 21





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I am a journalistic enthusiast, born and bred in Washington, D.C. When I'm not busy meticulously constructing posts, I can be found burying my head in an epic novel, cooking a delicious mess in the kitchen, scouring local thrift stores, and spending way too much time binging on Netflix (Arrested Development anyone?). I cannot live without a good playlist (Billy Holiday is preferred), working wifi (sometimes not always working), and Dunkin Donuts coffee (caramel swirl is my go-to flavor). If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to direct them to the email below. Happy Reading!

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