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Pastels please!

Pastel Hair Trend

Lauren Conrad

As the lights go down at the 2012 Chanel Cruise show, out walk the models dressed head to toe in gorgeous creations. Though the designs were supurb and on target, it wasn’t what was catching everyone’s eye. It was the color of the models hair. Pastel pinks, purples, yellows all chopped in a bob cut. Now Chanel is not the first place we’ve seen this trend take flight.

Seen on celebs such as Katy Perry, Lauren Conrad, and Kelly Obourne; the look seems to be getting a ton on press and for good reason. While some might think the trend is hilarious and completely ridiculous, others might think diagree. Before you go knocking it, just remember it’s only temporary. People have been dying their hair odd colors for years. Mainly the Goth’s and punks of the world. So why is this trend now just catching fire with Hollywood’s finest?

Pastel Hair Trend

Katy Perry

I like to think that it’s simply good common sense. Why should hair come in only three colors? You wouldn’t want to walk into an ice cream shop and only have three flavors to choose from.


I like a little variety in my diet thank you very much. It’s no surprise that when it came to my hair, it was the exact same story. So I decided to take a little trip to CVS with my bff in hand. As we scoured the isles like little girls in a candy shop, we came to a halt in the isle that contained all the hair colors. While there, we stumbled upon five colors that stuck out like a pesky pimples.

Blue, yellow, purple, green, and pink. Naturally, I chose the pink one while my friend chose purple. We made our way to the register with the hair color in hand and our minds made up. Once back at my friends’ apartment, we changed into old concert tee’s and began opening the hair color. While my friend decided to die her entire scalp purple, I only decided to die my ends. The end result, edgy chic.

Pastel Hair Trend

Kelly Osbourne

While we didn’t resemble the models from Chanel (no one is actually that skinny), we came pretty close. Considering my bestie and I both have pixie haircuts, I thought we looked utterly fabulous. But now with the color already faded out and back to my natural auburn color, I wouldn’t think twice of doing it over again. Even though we got some pretty weird stares from strangers, probably from people wondering if we had joined a circus; in the end it was one of the best choices I ever made.  So I say yes to this trend and hope it stays for a little while longer. Because honestly, I wouldn’t mind dying my hair another color like blue or even purple.  Fingers crossed!

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