Month: August 2012


  As the autumn season quickly approaches more and more fall trends seem to be coming out of the woodwork. It seems each glorious day the weather begins to turn cooler a new trend is introduced.  While some trends should have never been created, others wear their right beautifully. One of those looks happens to be a favorite of mine  this season. That look would be non other than the ruby-red lip. The idea of having blood stained lips surprisingly gives me goosebumps, in a good way. I’ve always been a fan of a nice red lip. The look is incredibly classy and timeless. So when the ruby-red lip got introduced, it was only natural that I fell head over heels. The look is a bit more edgy than the classic red lip but it’s also a sexy take on the look as well. Seen on celebs such as Rihanna, Diana Aragon, and Rooney Mara; the look seems to be catching fire quickly. I like to keep it simple when I’m wearing this particular look. Only wearing BB cream along with …

Crazy for Cobalt

Blue has always been my favorite color. When I found out that a darker shade of the color I’ve always cherished was going to be a huge trend this fall. I almost fainted. Well, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic. I guess the reaction was more of having butterflies in my stomach and being overly excited rather than actually fainting. The color has been incorporated in Stella McCartney’s 2012 F/W collection as well as Balenciaga’s. Not to mention A-listers such as Jennifer Lawrence, Nina Dobrev and  even the Duchess of Cambridge have been sporting the trend around town. With buzz like this, it doesn’t seen this trend is going anywhere soon. Here’s hoping!

Bright’s Please!

Bright’s Please! by sandrarose featuring a bib necklace So Couture peplum top$72 – Lanvin pencil skirt$800 – Christian louboutin Amrita Singh bib AllSaints antique Nail lacquer$3.60 –

Baroque F/W 2012

I’m not really big into trends. I rather take my own route and create one rather than follow it. But every now and then a trend comes along that I give into to. This year that trend happens to come in the form of baroque. The idea of 18th century fashion translated into modern times. Tight bodices, extravagant colors, decadent fabrics, and embroidery; lots of it. As the models walked down the 2012 F/W Dolce and Gabbana show, they were dressed head to toe in Baroque. The look was a mix between romantic and edgy. Think back to the 2011 Oscars. As nominated actress Jessica Chastain walked down the red carpet in a black and gold McQueen number, I had to give props to the actress for taking such as risk. Then again, fashion is a constant risk. One holds their breath, rolls the dice and hopes they’ll come out on top. The dress definitely put Chastain on the radar for best dressed that year. Also this year as well. With the Vanity Fair Best Dressed …

Lazy Saturday

Seeing as I was very bored and didn’t feel like doing anything on this beautiful Saturday, I decided to take some pictures around town. Although they’re very random, I thought they were utterly beautiful. I feel that people take numerous amount of things for granted each day and don’t take the time to notice them. These pics are just a couple of things I thought went unnoticed. So take the time to stop and absorb all the beauty that life has to offer. I hope you all have an amazing weekend!