Fashion Friday Roundup

As we say farewell to NYFW, we say goodbye to the amazing ensembles along with it. This week was packed with fashion-forward outfits and I’m here to bring you my favorites. From Alexa Chung in Topshop to Cara Delevinge in Burberry, I’m breaking down which looks made the fashion cut this week. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

1. Alexa Chung in Topshop

Fashion Friday Roundup


2. Cara Delevinge in Burberry 

Fashion Friday Roundup


3. Olivia Palermo in Tibi

Fashion Friday Roundup


4. Poppy Delevinge in Matthew Williamson

Fashion Friday Roundup


5. Harley Viera Newton in Topshop 

Fashion Friday Roundup

7 Items Every Fashionista Needs in Her Closet for Fall

7 Items Every Fashionista Needs in Her Closet for Fall
Autumn happens to be my favorite season of all the four. Whether it’s the change in weather or the bountiful unveiling of Spring/Summer collections.I’m not exactly sure. But there’s just something about Autumn which tends to melt my heart every time it rolls into town. With that being said, it’s time to introduce you seven items which I feel every fashionista should have in their closet for fall. Let’s start with número uno!

1. White Midi Dress-Phillip Lim $965

I’m a huge advocate for midi dresses. They’re the perfect length and ooze with sophistication. For summer, it was all about tropical patterns but for fall, white is all the rage. I know what you’re thinking, “Who wears white after Labor Day”? The answer my friend is anyone with a fashionable bone in their body. I love this version from Phillip Lim because it has slight asymmetrical detailing, along with a graphic print, (which is also a huge trend for fall 2014).

2. Overalls-Topshop $96

These were my go-to item in the summer and they;re my go-to item for fall. I love a boyfriend fit because they look better that way. You can choose any version you want, but if you’re looking for an androgynous vibe, boyfriend fit is your best

3. Oxford-Uniqlo $30

There’s nothing, in my opinion, more classic than an oxford shirt. They’re completely versatile and add a large amount of elegance to any ensemble. For work, I love wearing mine with a leather pencil skirt and snakeskin sneakers or if I’m playing it causal, I’ll simply tuck it into a pair of skinny jeans and flats. Whichever way you choose you wear yours, this piece is a must for fall.

4. Caramel Coat-Mulberry $2,800

Another reason why I love autumn so much is because I get to dust off all my pretty coats. I’m a sucker for coats. Peacoats, trenchcoats, parkas, bombers, you name it; I love em’! My overall favorite peice of outerwear for autumn, comes in the form of an oversized, caramel-colored version. I love oversize coats in general because you can layer, layer, layer, and layer some more! The caramel color merely adds a nice, classic finish, and pretty much goes well with everything you already own.

5. Gold Rings- Sole Society $20

I recently purchased a set of eight rings, similar to these on Jewelmint two nights ago. There’s nothing I find more chic than fingers covered entirely in gold. Unlike silver, I find that gold pretty much compliments any outfit and adds a quick touch of style. If you’re going to invest in one item for fall, invest in a gorgeous set of gold rings. You won’t regret it.

6. Leather Backpack- Alexander McQueen $1,975

If you’re looking to obtain that “cool girl chic” look this fall, than a leather backpack is your go-to piece. This version from Alexander McQueen is utterly beautiful and adds the right amount of edge to any outfit.

7. Leather Loafers- Lanvin $965

I hate heels! There, I’ve said it. Whenever I’m going out, I always opt for ankle booties or a chic pair of loafers. Truth of the matter is, I only wear heels when it’s required, and thankfully, that’s not very often. Don’t get me wrong, I admire the look of heels and the intricacy most of them acquire. I just hate wearing them. To me, there’s nothing more sexier than a woman donning a pair of loafers or oxfords. This pair from Lanvin are GORGEOUS! If you’re going to splurge on one item this fall, this is the item yo should go for. I know I would!

A Touch of Inspiration: Minimalist Edition

In life, I prefer things to be clean and have an immense form of structure. It’s the exact same way when it comes to fashion. I’m drawn to pieces which look fresh and have a strong sense of tailoring. The go-to items in my closet are a crisp, white men’s shirt, dark washed skinny jeans, and leather loafers. I’ve always loved the appeal of menswear and perhaps it’s the reason why I enjoy incorporating the look into my wardrobe on occasion. So, with that being said, I thought I would share with you small forms of inspiration which I turn to for clarity.

The images are a mixture of minimal pieces paired with masculine. I hope you enjoy!A Touch of Inspiration: Minimalist Edition

A Touch of Inspiration: Minimalist Edition A Touch of Inspiration: Minimalist Edition A Touch of Inspiration: Minimalist Edition minmalist8A Touch of Inspiration: Minimalist Edition minmalist7A Touch of Inspiration: Minimalist Edition

Phillip Lim Madness

There were many incredible collections to come out of NYFW this year. I mean who could forget that beautiful scene over at Oscar de la Renta? Talk about genius, the man can do no wrong. So, if you asked me to choose one particular show, which I valued above all the others, you would be wise to call me insane. Seeing how no sane human being could simply pick one. But despite the fact that there was something in every show which I enjoyed, there was one which I enjoyed a little more than the others. The talented creations of Mr. Phillip Lim.

It seems that every year Mr. Lim unveils a new collection, I’m consistently raving about how amazing it was. This is because the man is simply infused with talent. Talent which is untouchable by any other. This year, every piece which was featured in Lim’s SS15 collection appeared to be specifically designed with me in mind. Seriously, it was like the designer personally called me up and asked what I wanted in a spring/summer collection and then went to work. With a unique combination of soft and bold hues, including pastel yellow, emerald, black, cobalt and white; Lim concocted one of the most original contradictions to date.

Easy and modern would be the perfect words to describe the entire collection. There were plenty of asymmetrical pieces paired with tailored pieces, once again creating a beautiful form of incongruity. My favorite look in the entire collection came in the form of an asymmetrical dress paired with a leather, motorcycle vest, finished with emerald ankle booties and a crossbody satchel. I could totally see myself waltzing into my office donning the look, while having all my co-workers marvel in jealousy. But gleaming at every piece in Lim’s collection, it’s easy to become ridden with envy merely because of the designers’ immense talent. Once again, he’s created yet another impeccable collection without any doses of inadequacy.

Friday Fashion Roundup!

I absolutely adore Fridays. There’s a particular excitement in the air which tends to envelop everyone in it’s vicinity. Perhaps it’s the weekend which follows or something entirely different. Either way, Fridays are definitely my favorite day or the week. One reason for this unadulterated love is primarily the fact we get to see what everyone wore throughout the week, and choose which of individual pulled it off correctly. This week was no different.

In fact, it was magnificent!

When it came to couture, these celebrities pulled it off beautifully. Whether it was Zoe Saldana in Lanvin or Elle Fanning in Christopher Kane; it’s becoming apparent that celebrities are becoming quite good at donning designer duds. As if anyone was skeptical to begin with.

1. Emma Roberts in Tanya Taylor skirt & Houghton crop top. 2. Zoe Saldana in Lanvin. 3. Nicola Peltz in Prada. 4. Chole Grace Mortez in Valentino. 5. Elle Fanning in Christopher Kane. 6. Ashley Madekwe in Dior. 7. Katie Holmes in Katie Holmes for Nina Ricci. 8. Rachel McAdams in Zuhair Murad